Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gift Time.

I've been working on some really cute gifts for the past couple weeks for birthdays and baby showers. I can't share them yet and it's killing me so you'll have to be satisfied with this cute picture of Bianca. I will just say that I recently visited Happy Knits and I really love their selection and set-up. I usually frequent Yarn Garden down the street but I can never find the right color/material combo. Happy Knits had fun, young colors and lots of different choices. I highly recommend checking it out particularly if you're looking for yarn that can be knitted with a larger needle (size 15/16) in a variety of colors.
Besides gift making, I've been tracking down some non-profits to volunteer at a few hours a week. I sent an volunteer application into Community Music Center where I would really love to volunteer so hopefully I'll hear back. I have free time this Spring before I start searching for a design internship for the summer and I think volunteering would be really satisfying.

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