Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Gifts

My sweet sweet husband surprised me with the most thoughtful handmade/crafty gifts this year.
I received the Little Otsu weekly planner (I had the first volume of this planner years ago and used it all the time).
I also got new Gocco supplies which I'm keeping heavily guarded. I have a good amount of supplies stashed away at this point but with the projects I have lined up to print using Gocco, they may be gone sooner than I'd like. Please, someone buy that technology and continue to manufacture Gocco supplies!
He surprised me with a beautiful hand crocheted necklace that I noticed at Crafty Wonderland.
I opened a set of cute cute cute etched glasses, one with an octopus and one with a robot (robots are my favorite!)
And finally, a do it yourself kit to make a log pillow from My Imaginary Boyfriend. I already started and it looks awesome but I ran out of stuffing so I won't be able to finish it until I can run to the fabric store.
I was so thoroughly spoiled with all of these amazing gifts. They are all so inspiring and I can't wait to start fun new projects in 2010.
The boy also totally shocked me with a Mino Flip camera and I can't wait to make crafty videos for the blog. I have a couple projects I want to share that I could us a video tutorial.

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