Monday, November 23, 2009


My Thanksgiving weekend is starting early. I have to be in Seattle for a work meeting tomorrow so I'll drive up and then hang out in my hometown until thursday when the boy (finally) arrives. I have lunch and dinner plans with friends and a hair appointment to fill my time until turkey-day. On Saturday we go to the apple cup with my dad and I'll pretend I like football for a few hours. Both my father and I graduated from the University of Washington and it's a point of pride for him that I go to a football game, wear a huskies hat (mine's pink) and cheer on our school. I like a tradition and talking about our shared alma mater is something like that for us.
I've also got a ton of crafty stuff to share that's all for Crafty Wonderland. I'm so excited about the items I'm going to be selling. They have been really wonderful to design and make and I'm super proud of them. I think I'll slowly reveal them here during the week or two leading up to the sale so look out for that! Some things are in the shop already so if you're in the market for kitchen linens, make sure to stop by over there.

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