Saturday, November 7, 2009


Life feels really hectic lately. After Halloween, which was so fun and filled with a cemetery tour and an epic karaoke session, it feels like we're rushing towards the holidays. I was just getting use to summer being over, I'm not sure I'm ready to eat turkey and then (gulp) trim a Christmas tree. I did send off my Christmas wish list to the boy and I've even purchased a couple of gifts for him already but I'm not quite at the acceptance stage yet.
These are little drawstring bags I made yesterday with vintage fabric and colorful twill tape. I imagine them as a reusable bag for produce or a gift bag or even as a catch-all for random items. I think these turned out great (I'm debating sewing heart buttons on them still) and I have a ton more to make for Crafty Wonderland. Luckily the weather is bad and I just ate a couple breakfast tacos courtesy of the boy so I think I have it in me.
Speaking of Crafty Wonderland, their last show ever at the Doug Fir is tomorrow, Sunday November 8th from 11am-4pm. We're stopping by to maybe start some holiday shopping early. I love the Doug Fir and I'm so sad that they won't be continuing this event there. They decided to make Crafty Wonderland a twice yearly event and I actually think it's a good idea since it should make it more of a destination. If you're in Portland, stop by tomorrow and help make it a successful final sale.

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