Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fostering Relationships

This weekend we went to North Carolina to say goodbye to a man that I never met. My husband's grandfather was so loved and had so many lasting and important relationships with the the people who gathered to celebrate his life, that I frequently found myself forgetting that we never got to shake hands or say hello face to face.
It was a such a quick trip and we didn't have time to do much more than eat some bar-b-que at the The Pit in Raleigh and drive to a small town called Havelock for the memorial service. It was emotionally and physically exhausting.

Both evenings we were in Havelock, the immediate family would gather at his house and look through the reminants of his 88 years of living. Photos and newspaper clippings, old suitcases and hotel room keys. He was a pilot so there was a bottle opener from the Concorde and lapel pins from the private airline he flew for later in his life.
On Sunday we were meant to go spread his ashes in the Atlantic ocean but the nor-easter gave us 20 mile an hour winds and his wife, 70-something Satch, wouldn't be able to make it out on the boat. So it looks like we're set to return in the summer and complete his wish, that he'd continue to travel the world even after he'd left it.

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