Friday, September 18, 2009

Handmade Wedding Items Part Two

Last nite I went to a bridal shower, which I am still feeling the after affects of, and it made me really excited to wrap up the details of my wedding.

We chose to have cupcakes (from local wedding favorite Saint Cupcake) instead of cake mainly so I could make these little flags that said "d heart v" on them. I also thrifted small saucers and various plates for people to use. The cupcakes looked so cute. The cake stands were also thrifted and my favorite one was a Seattle World's Fair plate I found and glued to a ceramic candle holder. It looked great!

On the table along with the centerpieces we put karaoke slips out for later since we had everyone do karaoke instead of dancing. I designed the D heart V stamp and stamped the back of all of the slips. We also had to check everyone's IDs when they came in so we used this as a stamp for that. Everyone was walking around with the stamp on their wrist. CUTE.

All around the patio and bar we hung flag banners that I made using dress lining cut into triangles and bias tape. This was a really simple project but I think it helped make the whole reception look more like a party. The boy came up with the brilliant idea to do a musical toast instead of a traditional one. We asked several of our friends to sing a song to toast us, everyone crowded around and watched the music, then our dads came up and did more traditional toasts and to finish we performed four songs that meant something to us to sing to everyone there. So many people said this was their favorite part of the wedding and that means a lot to us.

We got matching ties for Dan, his best friend, and both of our brothers and dads, from Cyberoptix on etsy. They were really nice about letting me choose the tie color and the ink color. The ties ended up perfectly matching my dress! My dress came from Porshes Place on etsy. The woman who runs that shop (and makes the dresses) is just beyond accommodating. Her prices are wonderful and my dress fit like a glove. I found a headband with felt flowers at Anthropologie and added a birdcage veil piece to it that I found at fabric depot. I really wanted a short veil, more like a hat and I think it worked out!
I think that about finishes our handmade portion of the wedding. There were things I wanted to make that ended up being dropped for one reason or another and that's ok. About a week before the wedding I got the crazy idea to sew all the napkins for the wedding but I was quickly talked down from that insane idea. It makes me so happy to go back over all of this. It really was such a wonderful journey and making these things gave me to time to think about our wedding and how excited I was for it all as opposed to just making decisions and then letting someone else do the work, the work was a chance to relax and focus and on the wedding.

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