Thursday, September 17, 2009

Handmade Wedding Items Part One

Oh blog, you have been neglected. I am blaming it on trying to squeeze the last good days out of summer and just generally trying to get back to a normal schedule after such a busy, busy past few months. We still have another wedding to go to this weekend!
As promised, I have done a recap of all the things I made or were handmade by someone else for our wedding. Here's the first part of all the handmade aspects of our big day. I think it's so special to look back on these items and know they weren't mass produced. I am so lucky that I was able to do so much of this (thanks unemployment!) and looking back on these photos makes me feel proud and happy that everything turned out so well.(Some of these photos were stolen from our guests, thanks friends!)

We had a private ceremony on the beach with all of our immediate family. Everyone headed out to the Oregon coast on Friday to stay at the beach houses we rented. I did a welcome bag for each person with beach-themed goodies (flip flops, sun screen that sort of stuff) and all the ladies got a hand sewn make up bag. Our family kept thanking me and I think everyone really appreciated the thought that went into these.

Most of the things I made were for our reception. After the ceremony, we all headed back to Portland and met up with friends and more family for a big party at Produce Row Cafe. I designed and printed (using my gocco of course) all the invitations for the event. I love how the dark brown envelopes turned out with the gold.

When people walked into the bar, we had a table with a polaroid camera, pens and a welcome book. The idea was people would use a backdrop we had and take posed photos of themselves to put in the book, as an alternative to a traditional guest book. I used a sketch book and added photo tabs on the inside to fit polaroids and glued thick brown ribbon to the inside of the front and back covers as a tie. This book was definitely a hit. Everyone took photos and later in the nite, people carried the camera around and took candid polaroids.

On several of the tables both inside and on the patio we placed our centerpieces. I took white clay that air drys and shaped flowers. Before they dried, I pushed a wire through the clay so they could be wrapped around branches I found in our neighborhood. I glued them inside simple white vases from Ikea and added some moss I bought at the dollar store to the opening of the vase. The bottom piece was trivets I made following Martha's instructions. I loved how these turned out and total, we spent about $50.

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