Monday, August 17, 2009

The Luries Go To France: Days Three and Four

I hope you're enjoying my recap of the honeymoon! I'm getting ready to share all the wedding goodness with you soon too. I can't wait!

Day Three. Friday started with espresso and pain au chocolat from the cafe down the street. Afterwards we stopped into Alziari, an old olive oil shop that's been around over 100 years for a can of their standard stuff and a few smaller tin bottles of their infusions. We walked across the street to pick up some chai tea from Auer. I'm a sucker for their labeled tin cans so we treated ourselves. Once we dropped our goods off at the hotel we hopped on the bus to the Changall museum which is just on the outside of town. We weren't that familiar with Marc Changall but the museum was lovely. I particularly liked his composition and color in the paintings. He was one of the few modernists to celebrate human love so I suppose it was appropriate for the honeymooners. He also has some stain glass instillation pieces in a concert hall at the museum that are stunning. It was probably my favorite part of the place. We had picked up lunch stuff at cours saleya so we ate on the museum grounds.

We had no idea if it was allowed but no one seemed to mind. I had picked out this awesome cheese that was wrapped in several leaves at the market, it was so beautiful I almost didn't want to eat it. Small surprises like leaf wrapped cheese keep happening on this trip which is wonderful. Once we returned to downtown Nice we had to head to the train station to buy tickets to Vaison La Romaine. We got to ride the new tram on the way there and back so it was worth the trip just to check out the future of Nice's public transportation. We also got to stop by Galleries Lafayette and some other shopping places quickly on our way home to get ready for dinner.

We went to Oliveria for dinner, a well recommended place and for good reason. Dan's lasagna was so flavorful and my ravioli was delicious. Everything came with a paired olive oil and we were surprised when we got the tiramisu and an olive oil was poured next to it which turned the powdered chocolate into an amazing sauce.

We decided to stroll down the promenade des anglais after dinner and watched a drunk man in workout pants and no shirt search for skipping rocks on the beach and skip them into the ocean. Dan noticed that this activity really "works the core" and suggested that it was this man's work out routine. I was skeptical. We kept strolling and on our way back the man was sitting on the rocks looking out at the water. His workout was done.

Day Four. Saturday was, again, a beach day. After coffee we ran to the bakery for snacks. On our way there we stumbled into a used book sale happening at one of the open courtyards/plazas. There were some amazing books over 100 years old and then the standard tourist crap and used romance novels.

The beach was totally amazing again. I left just a bit burned. After heading back up to the train station to change out tickets around a bit due to some bus station issues, we went for dinner at cote marais.

Our dinner was delicious, my favorite meal so far. We started with eggplant pate and Parmesan mousse and for our main course I had veal with mustard sauce and Dan had fish in coconut milk. The atmosphere was quiet and romantic as we sat outside on a small side street. We headed to the cours saleya after dinner to look at the crafty street vendors we had noticed the evening before. I was eyeing a brown leather bag, handmade in Nice and decided to go for it. I was going to buy scarves for friends back home but they were a bit pricey. We were so exhausted from our day in the sun that we had a beer from a nearby bar and called it a day. It has been so nice to be so close-in at our hotel.We seem to be near everything and it's been such a treat to speak some french again and not always default to english. My speaking skills aren't what they were but I seem to be understanding people okay!


Jessica said...

hey! I'm super enjoying your journal entries. it will be fun to see you guys labor day weekend and catch up.

julia said...

i agree with jessica, these entries are wonderful--thank you for sharing them with us!

Antelope Baby Industries said...

Thanks ladies! It's been really fun to do these.