Thursday, June 11, 2009

There has been so much to do lately, it's crazy. I had a whirlwind trip up to Seattle last weekend and then we've got the boy's family in town this weekend and I'm getting pretty antsy to finish these DIY wedding projects. To calm myself I browse through etsy and find lovely, inspiring things to keep me going. Here are some new favorites.

I received my order from happytape just last week and all my packages for etsy orders (not to mention random household items like my flash drive) got a little facelift. I can't wait to use this stuff for Christmas wrapping!

And when I have a bit of money saved up I fully plan on ordering one of these cat beds from likekittysville. I know Ms. B would love something like this!
What do you do when you're really stressed out? Retail therapy seems to be my drug of choice lately, which is unfortunate since I live on unemployment. Well shopping and water aerobics. I attended my first class this week and it was awesome!

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