Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Hair

A tad bit self indulgent, but isn't the inherent nature of a blog self idulgence? Yes. Ponder that! Anyway, this weekend I'm heading up to Seattle for the first of two bridal showers my awesome family and friends are throwing me and my step-mom is going to dye my hair red while I'm up there. I really wanted to change my hair color for the wedding and I've been sporting the black/dark brown thing for a few years now. I'm sort of done for the time being so this is an exciting change. Here's my "inspiration" picture I sent my step-mom and she said it's doable after a bit of color stripping and a brief moment of banana colored hair. Since we got engaged I feel like I've seen a ton of pictures of brides with red hair and I realized that every time I picture myself on my wedding day, my hair is red. I can't wait!

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