Friday, May 8, 2009

This is a cardboard needle holder that I inherited from my mom's old sewing stuff. I've used (and lost) most of the needles that were in it but I love the graphics.

The wedding last weekend was awesome and it gave me lots of good ideas for ours. Stuff like a "cocktail hour" which we hadn't previously considered. Also, Port Townsend is so neat. I took a couple pictures of the downtown area that I want to share soon. It's all old brick buildings and we went to a record store where the owner was so genuine and nice. They had a coffee shop in part of it so we could sit on couches and hang out while the other people in our group shopped for music. What a smart idea to continue to bring people into a brick and mortar music shop! We stopped in on a Sunday and it was more packed than I generally see Music Millennium or Jackpot on the weekends. Such a pleasant surprise to see a "dying" business doing better in a small hippie town than in "music lovers paradise" Portland.

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