Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Too Nice Outside For This!

Last weekend was really awesome. First of all, we got a *sweet* hand me down grill from my dad which he drove all the way down to us. Of course that meant BBQ on Monday! I love to BBQ in the summer and our grill is super awesome so I see lots of grill nites in our future. We've already done turkey burgers with bleu cheese, veggie burgers, turkey dogs and grilled asparagus and green onions. Yum!
The boy also go his suit which is a huge thing checked off our to do list for the wedding. I started on these adorable felt trivets for our centerpieces (pictures to come soon!) and I am on the hunt for shoes in a serious way.
However, the rest of this week and into the weekend are all going to be in the eighties here so I have a feeling most of what I'll be doing will include grilling and laying in the park by our house. I can't believe we get so many days in a row of nice weather this early in the year! Five days of eighty degrees plus in May? So sweet!

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