Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crazy Town

I get really stuck on certain phrases. About three years ago (maybe longer?) I said "snap!" all the time. At anything. Give me a gift for my birthday? "oh snap!" Fall and skin your knee on the sidewalk? "oh snap!" I grew out of it, so to speak, but the phrase I've been using lately is "that's crazy town." I think this is appropriate because since I got both engaged and laid off within two weeks of eachother, everything has been crazy town. Constantly changing, doing things I've never even thought of before.
Anyhow, I'm stressed out in crazy town right now. My dad is coming down to Portland for the first time since we bought our place (nearly a year ago! wow!) and it's just two months until the wedding. Yesterday I mailed out nearly all of our invites (some people have STILL not sent us their addresses. ahem.) and painted our bathroom. I've got a second coat to finish today and a few rogue invites to send out. I also have to nail down a karaoke company to use for the reception, set up a cupcake tasting, find three more white ceramic cake platters, finish sewing our pendant banners, make boutonnieres and clean our house spotless so my dad will be shocked when he sees how lovely our place is. The boy and I are not clean people by nature but we try. I feel like our condo is either in complete disarray or totally clean. We can't seem to maintain a liveable balance.
Alright, it's time to actually do this stuff instead of thinking about it. Pictures! Of Stuff! Soon!

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