Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here is the peak at my centerpieces. This is just half of it but I don't want to ruin the surprise so this is all you'll get for now. I got the idea for the trivet from, who else, Martha. The instructions are here. There are about 8 to 10 of these left for me to make but luckily they go quickly and I can watch Angel on hulu while I do it! Wow, I'm a dork.

I also had some wonderful estate sale luck today and walked (well, drove) away with this adorable pair of slipper chairs. I've wanted a set of chairs for our bedroom for awhile because I like to read in our room but I don't want to always have to lay on our bed to do it. These guys are pretty perfect and they were a steal. The lady running the sale had just slashed them to half price before we walked into the room and right after we decided to purchase them another couple came by and tried to steal them from us! We prevailed and I think they're adorable next to our windows!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Too Nice Outside For This!

Last weekend was really awesome. First of all, we got a *sweet* hand me down grill from my dad which he drove all the way down to us. Of course that meant BBQ on Monday! I love to BBQ in the summer and our grill is super awesome so I see lots of grill nites in our future. We've already done turkey burgers with bleu cheese, veggie burgers, turkey dogs and grilled asparagus and green onions. Yum!
The boy also go his suit which is a huge thing checked off our to do list for the wedding. I started on these adorable felt trivets for our centerpieces (pictures to come soon!) and I am on the hunt for shoes in a serious way.
However, the rest of this week and into the weekend are all going to be in the eighties here so I have a feeling most of what I'll be doing will include grilling and laying in the park by our house. I can't believe we get so many days in a row of nice weather this early in the year! Five days of eighty degrees plus in May? So sweet!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last Nite

The boy's band Solyoni played at the Waypost in North Portland last nite. I love the waypost so much, it's so charming and listening to good bands as the sun went down is the perfect way to start off a long weekend. Here's some pictures I took of the evening. Have a lovely three day weekend, we're off to spend time with my dad and get some sun time in!

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Kitchen Curtains

On a related note, the outdoor sale section at Fabric Depot is open for the summer season!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crazy Town

I get really stuck on certain phrases. About three years ago (maybe longer?) I said "snap!" all the time. At anything. Give me a gift for my birthday? "oh snap!" Fall and skin your knee on the sidewalk? "oh snap!" I grew out of it, so to speak, but the phrase I've been using lately is "that's crazy town." I think this is appropriate because since I got both engaged and laid off within two weeks of eachother, everything has been crazy town. Constantly changing, doing things I've never even thought of before.
Anyhow, I'm stressed out in crazy town right now. My dad is coming down to Portland for the first time since we bought our place (nearly a year ago! wow!) and it's just two months until the wedding. Yesterday I mailed out nearly all of our invites (some people have STILL not sent us their addresses. ahem.) and painted our bathroom. I've got a second coat to finish today and a few rogue invites to send out. I also have to nail down a karaoke company to use for the reception, set up a cupcake tasting, find three more white ceramic cake platters, finish sewing our pendant banners, make boutonnieres and clean our house spotless so my dad will be shocked when he sees how lovely our place is. The boy and I are not clean people by nature but we try. I feel like our condo is either in complete disarray or totally clean. We can't seem to maintain a liveable balance.
Alright, it's time to actually do this stuff instead of thinking about it. Pictures! Of Stuff! Soon!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Invite Sneak Peak

I've been doing some serious slave labor over here trying to get our invites out by the end of the week. I printed the first batch of backgrounds on Sunday, then decided I hated the color of paper I was printing on. I switched to some better looking paper and now I love them but I'm a bit behind from where I want to be. Here's a sneak peak for now. I'll be sure to take proper photos when I'm finished printing and they're all mailed out.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spring Dress

I made this dress to wear to the wedding last weekend but it was much too cold! I ended up wearing a dress with a lining but I'm sure I'll get tons of wear out of this one during the spring and summer! I used a Burda pattern from fabric depot and it was 40% off which is crazy awesome! Clothing patterns can be so expensive so it's nice to have a cheap source nearby. There is still one little tweak I want to make under the arms but if I pair it with a cardigan (like I am today) you can't even tell. The fabric is Moda and 100% cotton. I really love it! The thing I especially loved about this pattern is that it only uses two yards of fabric which gives me the flexibility to use a more expensive fabric if I want and still not spend a ton.
Anyway, happy mother's day to any mom's out there (and my own!) we are off to search for a wedding ring for the boy!

Friday, May 8, 2009

This is a cardboard needle holder that I inherited from my mom's old sewing stuff. I've used (and lost) most of the needles that were in it but I love the graphics.

The wedding last weekend was awesome and it gave me lots of good ideas for ours. Stuff like a "cocktail hour" which we hadn't previously considered. Also, Port Townsend is so neat. I took a couple pictures of the downtown area that I want to share soon. It's all old brick buildings and we went to a record store where the owner was so genuine and nice. They had a coffee shop in part of it so we could sit on couches and hang out while the other people in our group shopped for music. What a smart idea to continue to bring people into a brick and mortar music shop! We stopped in on a Sunday and it was more packed than I generally see Music Millennium or Jackpot on the weekends. Such a pleasant surprise to see a "dying" business doing better in a small hippie town than in "music lovers paradise" Portland.

Friday, May 1, 2009


I need to get ties for four of the guys that will be at our wedding ceremony. I want them all of them to match and I'm almost positive I'm going to get them from Cyberoptix on etsy. I *think* I've narrowed it down to either this phonograph one (the boy's favorite) or the poppies. They seem to be pretty down with customizing, so whichever design we choose will be on a cream tie with gold print. Any opinions?
This weekend we're headed off to a wedding in Port Townsend. I purchased our gift for the couple from this awesome etsy shop, atelierBB and I'm so excited. We chose to pick two charities for our friends and family to donate to instead of registering for stuff we don't need but I think if we'd went the way of gifts, I would want something from this shop! The package arrived in cute wrapping which I couldn't bring myself to unwrap, so I haven't seen the actual product yet. I'm hoping the couple might open it up this weekend so I can see but I don't think that's very traditional, is it?