Friday, April 24, 2009

Poster Project

This is the first project we did in Context and Meaning, the design class I finished yesterday. The idea was to take an international non-profit and design a poster for them with a strong concept in mind. The organization I chose was AMREF and a large part of their mission is to educate African women on disease prevention because women play such a large part in the communities in Africa, so when you educate them about something it is more effective then just treating the diseases. Prevention can actually take place. I wanted to make the connection between women and their place in communities by using sewing, a traditional "women's" craft as my medium. I cut out the different countries of Africa in fabric and then sewed them to a canvas backing. I embroidered the lettering "Women Make Community" and used the heart icon to really drive home the idea of women at the center of it all. The poster was well received in my class and I think it's pretty successful as both a design piece and a craft piece.

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