Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ice Cream Sandwich

We've had a stretch of warm weather here in Portland which, for us, means dinner in the park and cold cocktails. Today I made some chocolate chip cookies and then had the amazing idea to put some mint chip ice cream in the middle of two cookies so we could eat home made ice cream sandwiches for dessert. We ate these delicious treats during the Blazers game and I pretended that I like basketball for a couple hours. It's hard to maintain my strict line of "non-sports person" when the whole city is so excited about this team. Sometimes it's okay to just give in.
In other news, I'm drifting along on unemployment now. I apply to jobs but nothing has come of it and that's okay. We've got the wedding and honeymoon and before that, another friend's wedding and family in town along with some painting and other home improvements I keep putting off. We're so excited to have our house in order for all the fun events coming up this summer. In the meantime I broke two drinking glasses in the past two days and got a small piece of glass stuck in my foot. Considering my mom had five stitches last week from a water glass that exploded in her hand, I feel like something is coming to get me.
Last night we put our wedding website up. It's www.danandvanessa.com. There are still a few changes to make but it's pretty much all there. I've got to get those invites out in the next couple weeks too so people know to head there.
This part of the year I always feel like I'm just about to get everything done. It's like the Spring cleaning bug. I hope I can keep up with all the stuff my brain is telling me to do!

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