Friday, April 24, 2009

Poster Project

This is the first project we did in Context and Meaning, the design class I finished yesterday. The idea was to take an international non-profit and design a poster for them with a strong concept in mind. The organization I chose was AMREF and a large part of their mission is to educate African women on disease prevention because women play such a large part in the communities in Africa, so when you educate them about something it is more effective then just treating the diseases. Prevention can actually take place. I wanted to make the connection between women and their place in communities by using sewing, a traditional "women's" craft as my medium. I cut out the different countries of Africa in fabric and then sewed them to a canvas backing. I embroidered the lettering "Women Make Community" and used the heart icon to really drive home the idea of women at the center of it all. The poster was well received in my class and I think it's pretty successful as both a design piece and a craft piece.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ice Cream Sandwich

We've had a stretch of warm weather here in Portland which, for us, means dinner in the park and cold cocktails. Today I made some chocolate chip cookies and then had the amazing idea to put some mint chip ice cream in the middle of two cookies so we could eat home made ice cream sandwiches for dessert. We ate these delicious treats during the Blazers game and I pretended that I like basketball for a couple hours. It's hard to maintain my strict line of "non-sports person" when the whole city is so excited about this team. Sometimes it's okay to just give in.
In other news, I'm drifting along on unemployment now. I apply to jobs but nothing has come of it and that's okay. We've got the wedding and honeymoon and before that, another friend's wedding and family in town along with some painting and other home improvements I keep putting off. We're so excited to have our house in order for all the fun events coming up this summer. In the meantime I broke two drinking glasses in the past two days and got a small piece of glass stuck in my foot. Considering my mom had five stitches last week from a water glass that exploded in her hand, I feel like something is coming to get me.
Last night we put our wedding website up. It's There are still a few changes to make but it's pretty much all there. I've got to get those invites out in the next couple weeks too so people know to head there.
This part of the year I always feel like I'm just about to get everything done. It's like the Spring cleaning bug. I hope I can keep up with all the stuff my brain is telling me to do!

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Swimsuit

It came in the mail yesterday from this place! I haven't bought a bathing suit in 2 years and I thought I'd treat myself with the honeymoon and everything coming up. Ahh, weddings, such a good excuse to spend too much money. It is super cute on and now they're sold out so I'm glad I grabbed it when I did.
More crafty stuff soon! I also want to share the awesome projects I've done for one of my classes at PNCA but I need to take pictures first. Our place is a mess and we're heading up to Seattle for the second weekend in a row for a certain someone's first birthday so I have no idea when I'll get to that. In the meantime, imagine me sunning myself on the beach in south france in this cute '50's suit! Jealous?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

South By Southwest 2009

This year's South by Southwest was bigger and better than last year. Compared to 2008, we were definitely able to keep things under better control, which means we saw more bands and drank more beer than ever! And there were more friends in town, so we hopped around from party to party giving out hugs and pulling out our free party master list at every turn. Even though we were in Austin for only three days (compared to last year's four)we really packed a lot of stuff in, we even saw a film at the film festival! It was awesome to walk down 6th Street and turn around to the sound of a marching band on your tail, barely pulling each other out of the way in time for them to pass by. We discovered a place called Shangri La where the cheap tacos were plentiful and the margaritas cheap. And then there were the bands! Daniel Johnston, Hold Steady, Lucero, No Age, Parenthetical Girls, Weird Weeds, Mirah, Richard Swift, Loch Lomond, Polka Dot Dot Dot, Vivian Girls, The Bird and the Bee and Camera Obscura just to name the highlights. To see more of our adventure, check out the boy's photos here. It was, honestly, so much fun. I came home with tan lines on my feet, good music in my ears and a mildly upset tummy from all the salty foods. No regrets obviously, but next year I may lay off the 10 beers followed by too much BBQ, you know?