Friday, March 27, 2009

The Dress.

OK another post about the wedding. I hope this isn't too terribly boring. The thing is that so much of our wedding is handmade which I'm really excited about. Plus, this is a resource you may be interested in anyway (if you have a 1950's prom party coming up!)
Alright, so, I bought my dress! SO exciting. It was handmade custom by Porshes Place on etsy. She takes 1950s and 60s dress patterns and will make them in any size using any fabric. I can't say enough good things about how helpful she was and how beautiful my dress is. I can't post a picture here because, although I'm not super traditional about weddings, I don't think I want the boy seeing it before the big day, BUT here are the fabrics she used and I encourage you to look at the different dresses she has on her site. Her prices are wonderful, I can't believe I got a custom wedding dress for under $200, and I highly recommend her!

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Jessica said...

woo! Gorgeous fabric! I can't wait to see the whole dress. B and I had so fun with you guys. We just got back Friday but it feels good to be home.