Friday, February 13, 2009

Save The Date

Here are our save the dates. The majority of them are going to go out tomorrow but a few people (ahem) haven't sent us addresses yet so those ones will go out soon. These were so fun to make. The branch and lanterns is sort of the wedding "logo" that I did. I had hoped to do hand made type but I was having some problems adjusting the size in illustrator. It's so funny how you think you know a computer program pretty well and then all of a sudden something you feel you've done a ton doesn't work for you. So frustrating! I printed them using the gocco onto brown craft postcards I got at Paper Source. They cost $3.50 for 50 on sale. Unbelievable. When the wedding invites are done (which I'm printing with the gocco too) that little machine will have paid for itself a couple times over. This picture is not the best, I've been so busy with the two classes at PNCA and temping that I only have time for myself at night. I did the best with the light and you get the idea. I started this wonderful class called Form and Context on Thursday in addition to the web design class that's been going on for a while. The instructors for Form and Context have such an intelligent way of speaking about design, the focus is on contextual design and we'll be doing lots of critiques. They move pretty quick so hopefully I can keep up!

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