Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents Day

We got today off at my temp job so I finally had a chance to get started on the boy's band's album printing. It is hard work! This is my first time printing 2 colors with separate screens using the gocco. It is tough to line stuff up. Luckily, the image looks good sort of "off." I tend to like things that aren't exactly perfect though.

I have also spent time looking at the beautiful bouquet that Dan had delivered to me on Valentine's Day. Our friend Anna has a flower design business and she brought them to our door bright and early Saturday morning as we were finishing up breakfast. So awesome. Anna's also going to do my bouquet for the wedding. I'm so lucky to know such talented people that want to help make our wedding so beautiful.
Tonite Solyoni (the boy's band) is playing at Valentines, one of my favorite places to grab a drink in town. A handful of our friends are planning on coming too so it should be a good finish to a fun day off. (Yes, I think spending the day printing album artwork is fun, I'm a dork.)

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julia said...

not just a dork, a creative dork. it is ok to love peonies and screen printing.