Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Shock.

Wow. ok. Well, then. It's snowing again so I guess that whole "we never see snow in the northwest" is crap. I have honestly never seen this much snow in a single season my entire life. Wow.

I did finally get some pictures of my dress! I used a pattern I bought at Fabric Depot for $2.50 and this super great strawberry fabric that was on sale so all in all it was a pretty good deal for a dress. With a cardigan and tights it's totally wearable now and it will be perfect as-is in the summer.
More to share on the work front too, I'm starting a temp position at the American Cancer Society this week and I'll continue to look for something more permanent. Ideally I'd like something with more responsibility than my previous position and some more pay too. With all the lay-offs I'm a little nervous about how picky I can be but time will tell. Hopefully this blog will soon go back to just talking about crafts and we'll all be able to forget about my job issues. Keep your fingers crossed!

1 comment:

allison said...

That dress would look great with a red belt!
And I agree about the snow- - it's crazy , but at least my classes were cancelled this morning haha