Saturday, January 17, 2009

More News.

Yesterday the recession hit home for us. It's probable that at some point, if this lasts as long as it's supposed to, it'll hit home for everyone in different ways so I guess yesterday was just my time. My boss gave me two weeks pay and sent me on my way. "Feel free to come back and visit at anytime. I hope you'll take these memories with you always." Uh. What? I asked her how the memories were going to pay my mortgage but she just smiled and moved on to tell me, "here's a form to continue your health care coverage. Only $350 a month." I'm still unclear about how she thought I'd be able to afford that. I loved that company until yesterday when it showed me its' true colors. Earlier in the week, I'd received an email from my boss to the "accounting" alias which a few different people get, it mentioned my "departure" on Friday. I wrote her to remind her that I also received these emails and (professionally) asked if we needed to talk about anything. She came to my desk and reassured me, "I'd just meant you leaving for the weekend. That's my 'office speak,'" she lied. It's so infuriating now to remember when I replied, "oh, I thought I was being fired" and she looked me straight in the eye and lied again, "no! not at all."
I'm done with small companies for now and that's so painful to realize. This is the second one that has done this to me but it's the most painful. In various meetings during my eight months there, I'd been promised the ability to 'move up' in the company and reassured that I was an important part of the 'culture' of the company. What horrible people, I wonder how they all slept last nite. Did it keep them up thinking of all the lies they told me in the past few weeks, as it did me? I imagine it takes a special sort of person to lie to someone's face, particularly someone you spend forty hours a week with.
But you know, I will take memories with me from that place. Memories of what heartless assholes are running it.

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Beth said...

I'm so sorry...I had a similar experience at a big company and it really sours you. I hope you are able to find something quickly, and now you know the true colors of the old company and good riddance to bad garbage!