Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thanks 2009.

Before 2009 comes to a close, I wanted to take a second and think of all the wonderful things in my life that I love. This year started out absolutely horrible professionally and absolutely amazing personally. It's ending on a more level playing field, which I prefer because when things are going smoothly, life is so much easier to handle. I'm endlessly appreciative for the work friends and family sent my way this year which allowed me to pay my bills, get married and grow in a lot of ways.
The boy and I have big plans for 2010. Traveling, making music and some fun stuff that's just in the "pipe dream" phase right now. I'm psyched. I vote 2010 the year to blaze your own trail and make your own dreams come true.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The snow finally came, a few days late for my taste, but it's here. Time for meals cooked in the crock pot and hot drinks. It's strange for a native Seattleite to say (since we never get snow in Seattle) but now it finally feels like the holidays.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Gifts

My sweet sweet husband surprised me with the most thoughtful handmade/crafty gifts this year.
I received the Little Otsu weekly planner (I had the first volume of this planner years ago and used it all the time).
I also got new Gocco supplies which I'm keeping heavily guarded. I have a good amount of supplies stashed away at this point but with the projects I have lined up to print using Gocco, they may be gone sooner than I'd like. Please, someone buy that technology and continue to manufacture Gocco supplies!
He surprised me with a beautiful hand crocheted necklace that I noticed at Crafty Wonderland.
I opened a set of cute cute cute etched glasses, one with an octopus and one with a robot (robots are my favorite!)
And finally, a do it yourself kit to make a log pillow from My Imaginary Boyfriend. I already started and it looks awesome but I ran out of stuffing so I won't be able to finish it until I can run to the fabric store.
I was so thoroughly spoiled with all of these amazing gifts. They are all so inspiring and I can't wait to start fun new projects in 2010.
The boy also totally shocked me with a Mino Flip camera and I can't wait to make crafty videos for the blog. I have a couple projects I want to share that I could us a video tutorial.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Teal Afghan

I finished this afghan last Friday and it's safely arrived at it's destination wrapped and ready to be enjoyed by my nephew. It is the biggest thing I've ever knitted and I have to say, a little bit addictive. Although it got down to crunch time with it being a Christmas gift and all, I definitely want to make an adult size version for our house. Maybe all in seed stitch? I have a great book that shows about 15 different patterns for knitted afghans so I'll need to look through and decide.
In the meantime, bask in the glory of this beauty.

Friday, December 18, 2009


This week was pretty uneventful which was nice. I did some typical holiday stuff, like going to the post office on two different days and I plan on heading over there again today. I'm frantically finishing a knitting project and surprised myself when I realized I'm all done shopping for gifts.

This is my booth at Crafty Wonderland before all the shoppers. I should have taken an "after" shot so you could see how bare it was by the end. After such an overwhelming weekend I'm looking forward to partying at other peoples houses this weekend (two holiday parties on two different nites!) and baking some sugar cookies for our get together on Christmas eve.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wow so the Christmas season is truly in full swing. 7,500 people showed up to Crafty Wonderland on Sunday. Unbelievable. I sold out of my dish cloths in the first few hours and no doubt could have sold double what I made. It was so much fun and everyone was in a good mood which is wonderful. There were only a handful of disgruntled shoppers.
This week I'm trying to catch up with life and enjoy the little time left before Christmas. I had an eggnog latte this morning and sat down to design and print our holiday cards. I used my gocco for printing and I'm so happy with how these turned out. I'll be sending them out to friends and family before the end of the week.

A couple of links to handmade holiday items and gifts I love:
- Sew a cute laptop sleeve
- advent calendar
- Felt ornaments

Now if time could slow down just a bit, I would have time to make all the fun things I want to!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crafty Wonderland Post 3

These flour sack dish cloths turned out really great. There are several different appliques including a bird, octopus, chicken, houses and this one, the squirrel. All the fabric is vintage and then I embroidered the edges by hand as a super-cute little detail. I will have a load of these for sale on Sunday. They make the perfect gift for the cook or new homeowner in your life.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Decorations

I've been doing a bit of holiday decorating around our home. Since we'll be spending the entire season here in Portland I was so excited to get a real Christmas tree. We bought ours down the street and the boy carried it the whole way home. Luckily it's only about 5 feet tall. It lived in a bucket in our dining room for a day until we could get a tree stand. Sunday evening I made dinner and cookies and we drank egg nog, listened to Christmas carols and decorated our tree. It was the perfect holiday activity. I'm so excited for Christmas now!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Crafty Wonderland Post 2

Making kits is something I've been wanting to do for a while. Since a lot of the people who buy handmade, also make things themselves, it makes sense that kits that you complete yourself would be popular. It just never came together until now. I have a lot of wonderful vintage fabric and I thought a kit with enough fabric and thermal lining for 2 potholders and simple instructions would make a good gift. I put them in plastic bags with cute labels on the front and a limited number will be available for the first time at Crafty Wonderland.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Online Holiday Shopping Suggestions

During the past three holiday seasons, I've really enjoyed doing about half of my gift shopping online. Discovering Etsy probably had a lot to do with this but there are a lot of other great online shops with awesome holiday deals out there.

This year I love:

The Curiosity Shoppe Wonderfully eclectic group of things for your home. Really perfect for the artistic and hip person on your list. I've had my eye on that ceramic polaroid camera for a while.

Chronicle Books Always a favorite. Especially with the holiday sale they run every year. 35% off your entire order and free shipping. QUICK it ends tomorrow 12/4. Just enter FRIENDS in the promo code box when you check out. I order at least a few things from Chronicle every year because of this sale.

Fred Flare This is one of those online shops I assumed everyone knew about until I mentioned it to a friend recently and she hadn't heard about it. I love their stuff for men, especially that ikaraoke thing, a microphone that plugs in to your ipod!

And of course etsy. A few favorite shops right now include Somethings Hiding in Here, Anatomy of a Skirt, fernanimals, and Fieldguided.

Happy Shopping and don't forget, if you're local you can do even more handmade shopping at Crafty Wonderland Sunday December 13th at the Oregon Convention Center!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crafty Wonderland Post 1

As promised, I wanted to show you a few of the new items I will be selling at Crafty Wonderland this year. I am starting off with these ties because they are probably my favorite of all the goodies I will have. They are handmade from a 70's era tie pattern using various vintage fabrics. The fabric for the pink tie is from the early 60's and is very Mad Men. It seems like most craft shows I attend, there just isn't a ton of stuff for guys. I'm hoping these will be a hit especially since they will be priced at a very reasonable $25 a piece.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Good Bye Fall, Hello Christmas Season.

I never posted photos from our Sauvie Island pumpkin picking extravaganza and I thought I would before November is over and we're full blown into snowflakes and presents and holiday parties (we've already started receiving invites!).

Sauvie Island is a somewhat magical place, even more so during the Fall. Everything is bright and crisp and the gourds are everywhere. We took a hayride up to the pumpkin patches and picked out two little cinderella pumpkins (the more squat ones with yellow and orange markings). We got this take home jar of beer from local brewery Captured by Porches and this rooster came right up to us and let the boy take his photo.
Alright, that's it. I'm ready for the Christmas and snow. Bring it on Santa.

Monday, November 23, 2009


My Thanksgiving weekend is starting early. I have to be in Seattle for a work meeting tomorrow so I'll drive up and then hang out in my hometown until thursday when the boy (finally) arrives. I have lunch and dinner plans with friends and a hair appointment to fill my time until turkey-day. On Saturday we go to the apple cup with my dad and I'll pretend I like football for a few hours. Both my father and I graduated from the University of Washington and it's a point of pride for him that I go to a football game, wear a huskies hat (mine's pink) and cheer on our school. I like a tradition and talking about our shared alma mater is something like that for us.
I've also got a ton of crafty stuff to share that's all for Crafty Wonderland. I'm so excited about the items I'm going to be selling. They have been really wonderful to design and make and I'm super proud of them. I think I'll slowly reveal them here during the week or two leading up to the sale so look out for that! Some things are in the shop already so if you're in the market for kitchen linens, make sure to stop by over there.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

To Brighten Up Any Room

I love how a fresh coat of paint can totally change how you feel about a piece of furniture. I got these set of shelves at goodwill a couple of weeks ago for $4 each, knowing I was going to paint them eventually. I had no idea what a difference it would make. I chose a bright blue from the reject paint bin at Fred Meyer (only $5) and the shelves turned out perfect. Technically they're for my booth at Crafty Wonderland but the boy moved some music stuff down to his practice space last weekend and it left just the right amount of space for these to sit next to the bed in our guest room.

I was also looking through photos, thinking of summer and remembering this salad I threw together when a friend dropped by with half a pound of cherry tomatoes from her garden and I didn't know what to do with them. If you have any tomatoes lying around (although I guess the season is over now) all I did was half them and add fresh basil, basil infused olive oil, a teeny bit of vinegar and chevre. YUM.

And finally, I couldn't resist posting this awesome photo of my niece at her fourth birthday in September. I found that hat at Target and I got her the matching gloves too. That is a such a classic face.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Life feels really hectic lately. After Halloween, which was so fun and filled with a cemetery tour and an epic karaoke session, it feels like we're rushing towards the holidays. I was just getting use to summer being over, I'm not sure I'm ready to eat turkey and then (gulp) trim a Christmas tree. I did send off my Christmas wish list to the boy and I've even purchased a couple of gifts for him already but I'm not quite at the acceptance stage yet.
These are little drawstring bags I made yesterday with vintage fabric and colorful twill tape. I imagine them as a reusable bag for produce or a gift bag or even as a catch-all for random items. I think these turned out great (I'm debating sewing heart buttons on them still) and I have a ton more to make for Crafty Wonderland. Luckily the weather is bad and I just ate a couple breakfast tacos courtesy of the boy so I think I have it in me.
Speaking of Crafty Wonderland, their last show ever at the Doug Fir is tomorrow, Sunday November 8th from 11am-4pm. We're stopping by to maybe start some holiday shopping early. I love the Doug Fir and I'm so sad that they won't be continuing this event there. They decided to make Crafty Wonderland a twice yearly event and I actually think it's a good idea since it should make it more of a destination. If you're in Portland, stop by tomorrow and help make it a successful final sale.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

200 Posts.

As I was preparing to write this blog I noticed that this is my 200th blog post. Wow. I have no idea what I've written about in 199 posts but I'm excited that I've stuck with blogging. I really love sharing what I make and what I'm up to with other people (whoever you are!)
Anyway, I've been spending time preparing for the Holiday Crafty Wonderland. Gathering vintage fabric and coming up with new designs. I'm really, really excited about it all! Today I started making these vintage fabric flags. They're sort of addictive to make and require the use of my favorite new crafty item, Steam a Seam fusible webbing. I plan on making a video tutorial of the different uses I've come up with for it before the holidays. It's one of the most exciting things I have come across in a while!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Lately, I've been adjusting to working from home. I think I like it. It feels so self indulgent. Every day I see the boy go off to work and I get up, check email, do some crafty things, check email again, usually there's some typography homework in there somewhere and then the boy comes home, I cook dinner and the day is over. I can't complain. It is totally different than going into an office, making friendly chit-chat with co-workers, going to meetings and answering the phone. The best thing is that my creative mind is always going and I don't have to send an email during the day to remind myself of something I want to try or get home and knit for 3 hours every evening so I can complete an afghan by Christmas. Oh the afghan. I think it's coming along nicely. See those bobbles? I did that.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fostering Relationships

This weekend we went to North Carolina to say goodbye to a man that I never met. My husband's grandfather was so loved and had so many lasting and important relationships with the the people who gathered to celebrate his life, that I frequently found myself forgetting that we never got to shake hands or say hello face to face.
It was a such a quick trip and we didn't have time to do much more than eat some bar-b-que at the The Pit in Raleigh and drive to a small town called Havelock for the memorial service. It was emotionally and physically exhausting.

Both evenings we were in Havelock, the immediate family would gather at his house and look through the reminants of his 88 years of living. Photos and newspaper clippings, old suitcases and hotel room keys. He was a pilot so there was a bottle opener from the Concorde and lapel pins from the private airline he flew for later in his life.
On Sunday we were meant to go spread his ashes in the Atlantic ocean but the nor-easter gave us 20 mile an hour winds and his wife, 70-something Satch, wouldn't be able to make it out on the boat. So it looks like we're set to return in the summer and complete his wish, that he'd continue to travel the world even after he'd left it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It's windy outside and this morning marked the first time in a while that I could hear the rain pounding on the windows of our bedroom. I started an afghan for my nephew for Christmas. It's the nicest shade of Teal and it required me to learn to bobble, a knitting term that perfectly describes what the stitch looks like. Bobbles are those little knitty balls that are common on sweaters your grandma knit you and baby blankets (hence my use of them). They are super fun and the weather is so perfect for knitting right now. I can't wait for next week's craft nite. I hosted the first one last week which went so well. It's going to be a twice monthly event and last week people brought yummy cheese and roasted cauliflower. Delicious!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Weekend

I'm already looking forward to the weekend. While I will also be preparing for our trip to North Carolina next weekend, I'm going to take advantage of the some of the decidedly Fall activities happening around these parts.

- Trip to Sauvie Island for pumpkin picking, caramel apple eating and corn mazes. We always go to Kruger Farms on Sauvie Island.
- Stop by the Apple tasting at Portland Nursery. It only happens the second and third weekends in October so we must stop by this weekend to taste some of the 65 different types of apples and pears they will have there.
- Crafty Wonderland is this Sunday. There's always an excuse to stop by Doug Fir and shop for locally made goods. I'm still waiting to hear if I got into their holiday sale, so fingers crossed for that!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Class Project

Newest project for my typography class. I think it turned out nicely. Of course it would look perfect with some creamy off-white shampoo in it but that doesn't travel well on the bus so it's empty for now. Typography is a super fun class and I can't wait to see how it changes my design ability and sensibility. I've already learned so much in such a short period of time and a lot of my fellow classmates are super talented which makes me want to work harder and produce good stuff.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Home Collections

The light in my house was really lovely this morning and even though I'm not a good enough photographer to capture that, it inspired me to take some pictures of the fun "collections" we have around our living and dining rooms. Old books, vintage 7 inch holder, thrifted items waiting to be added to my etsy shop. I love to look around and see the cute little groupings. Our old apartment was so cluttered and even in this place (which is twice as big) I have to struggle to keep the clutter down. Grouping things on shelves and other surfaces helps me do this. I don't just throw stuff out there, I carefully think about what I want the collection to look like. I hope you enjoy these pictures of my home!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Caramel Apples

You can tell fall is here when days are broken up by short spurts of hard rain and Fred Meyer has all of their caramel apple supplies up at the front of the store. I needed a dessert to bring to my friend's house tonite so when I stopped by the store to pick something up, I fell prey to the display and caramel apples it is. I had never made them before but it was super easy and fun. I followed the directions on the bag of caramels (Put all caramels plus 2 tablespoons of water in a pan and melt over medium-low heat until melted, stirring constantly. Spoon caramel over apples and leave in fridge until 15 minutes before ready to serve.) They came out perfectly. I love summer but squash, candy corn, sweaters and caramel apples serve as nice distractions that it's over.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pot Holders!

I have been busy applying to craft sales for the holidays. I'm moving Antelope Baby into a new direction that I'm really excited about! My main focus now is incorporating vintage fabrics and trims into sewn goods for the home. These potholders are one of the new items that will hopefully be in my etsy shop by October. I have such a passion for thrifting and estate sales and I always keep an eye out for vintage craft stuff. As a result I've got a pretty nice collection of vintage fabrics and making this stuff into new items people can use in their homes is so exciting to me! I also felt really unmotivated and bored with baby clothing, the new things I'm working on are so much more fulfilling. Let me know what you think!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Handmade Wedding Items Part Two

Last nite I went to a bridal shower, which I am still feeling the after affects of, and it made me really excited to wrap up the details of my wedding.

We chose to have cupcakes (from local wedding favorite Saint Cupcake) instead of cake mainly so I could make these little flags that said "d heart v" on them. I also thrifted small saucers and various plates for people to use. The cupcakes looked so cute. The cake stands were also thrifted and my favorite one was a Seattle World's Fair plate I found and glued to a ceramic candle holder. It looked great!

On the table along with the centerpieces we put karaoke slips out for later since we had everyone do karaoke instead of dancing. I designed the D heart V stamp and stamped the back of all of the slips. We also had to check everyone's IDs when they came in so we used this as a stamp for that. Everyone was walking around with the stamp on their wrist. CUTE.

All around the patio and bar we hung flag banners that I made using dress lining cut into triangles and bias tape. This was a really simple project but I think it helped make the whole reception look more like a party. The boy came up with the brilliant idea to do a musical toast instead of a traditional one. We asked several of our friends to sing a song to toast us, everyone crowded around and watched the music, then our dads came up and did more traditional toasts and to finish we performed four songs that meant something to us to sing to everyone there. So many people said this was their favorite part of the wedding and that means a lot to us.

We got matching ties for Dan, his best friend, and both of our brothers and dads, from Cyberoptix on etsy. They were really nice about letting me choose the tie color and the ink color. The ties ended up perfectly matching my dress! My dress came from Porshes Place on etsy. The woman who runs that shop (and makes the dresses) is just beyond accommodating. Her prices are wonderful and my dress fit like a glove. I found a headband with felt flowers at Anthropologie and added a birdcage veil piece to it that I found at fabric depot. I really wanted a short veil, more like a hat and I think it worked out!
I think that about finishes our handmade portion of the wedding. There were things I wanted to make that ended up being dropped for one reason or another and that's ok. About a week before the wedding I got the crazy idea to sew all the napkins for the wedding but I was quickly talked down from that insane idea. It makes me so happy to go back over all of this. It really was such a wonderful journey and making these things gave me to time to think about our wedding and how excited I was for it all as opposed to just making decisions and then letting someone else do the work, the work was a chance to relax and focus and on the wedding.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Handmade Wedding Items Part One

Oh blog, you have been neglected. I am blaming it on trying to squeeze the last good days out of summer and just generally trying to get back to a normal schedule after such a busy, busy past few months. We still have another wedding to go to this weekend!
As promised, I have done a recap of all the things I made or were handmade by someone else for our wedding. Here's the first part of all the handmade aspects of our big day. I think it's so special to look back on these items and know they weren't mass produced. I am so lucky that I was able to do so much of this (thanks unemployment!) and looking back on these photos makes me feel proud and happy that everything turned out so well.(Some of these photos were stolen from our guests, thanks friends!)

We had a private ceremony on the beach with all of our immediate family. Everyone headed out to the Oregon coast on Friday to stay at the beach houses we rented. I did a welcome bag for each person with beach-themed goodies (flip flops, sun screen that sort of stuff) and all the ladies got a hand sewn make up bag. Our family kept thanking me and I think everyone really appreciated the thought that went into these.

Most of the things I made were for our reception. After the ceremony, we all headed back to Portland and met up with friends and more family for a big party at Produce Row Cafe. I designed and printed (using my gocco of course) all the invitations for the event. I love how the dark brown envelopes turned out with the gold.

When people walked into the bar, we had a table with a polaroid camera, pens and a welcome book. The idea was people would use a backdrop we had and take posed photos of themselves to put in the book, as an alternative to a traditional guest book. I used a sketch book and added photo tabs on the inside to fit polaroids and glued thick brown ribbon to the inside of the front and back covers as a tie. This book was definitely a hit. Everyone took photos and later in the nite, people carried the camera around and took candid polaroids.

On several of the tables both inside and on the patio we placed our centerpieces. I took white clay that air drys and shaped flowers. Before they dried, I pushed a wire through the clay so they could be wrapped around branches I found in our neighborhood. I glued them inside simple white vases from Ikea and added some moss I bought at the dollar store to the opening of the vase. The bottom piece was trivets I made following Martha's instructions. I loved how these turned out and total, we spent about $50.

Monday, August 31, 2009


It was my birthday last week and I spent the morning at Broder with girlfriends and then thrifting at some of my favorite spots in town. In the evening the boy and I went on a wonderful date and then this weekend we headed to eastern Oregon near John Day for tepeeing. It was really awesome. I am promising to recap the wedding this weekend but for today I have laundry, dishes and cleaning to do. Thanks to Lorraine for the picture! That bloody mary was delicious.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Luries Go To France: Days Seven, Eight and Nine

Here's the last installment of our honeymoon days. I hope you enjoyed reading about all the food we ate. It was the most fun trip I have ever gone on for a lot of reasons, we had a lot of money saved so we could do nice things, we got along the whole trip and only had a couple of minor melt downs which I think is really impressive since this is by far the longest vacation we've ever taken together and, also, the south of France is truly the most beautiful place I have ever been in my life. Particularly Provence but all of it is just breathtaking. I wanted to have all of our stuff sent there and never come back! Ahh, but mortgages and responsibilities and the cat called, so we returned promising each other that we would visit again soon. For more pictures of our journey, the boy put his up on flickr, found here.

Day Seven. Tuesday morning we woke up early. We were both so excited to go to the large market here in town. We ate breakfast at the hotel which was really nice. Coffee, tea, bread, cheese, pastries, jams, cereal and fruit! We were completely stuffed as we headed down the hill to see what all the fuss was about.

This market has been going on for hundreds of years and today it seems to be an even mix of very authentic, awesome local goods and touristy stuff. We picked up a locally made cotton dress for our niece Madison. We also found lavender sachets with provencal fabric for friends. We met a man selling infused apertifs. He let us taste several before we settled on a violet one. There was also a ton of pottery. We grabbed a ceramic water pitcher from a lady selling out of crates spilling from her van. There was also a couple of older men sitting in front of 10 containers of tomatoes and 6 glass containers of olive oil. We knew we needed to take a closer look and when one of the men got up and let us taste the oil, we were sold. He wrapped up the cork stopped container and we were on our way (This container later got confiscated at the airport because it was just cork stopped, I couldn't put it in our luggage but it was too large to carry on. Very sad!) It was amazing to see and meet people who got up that morning, picked some tomatoes, poured out some olive oil and came to the market to sell it. We also bought cheese from an extremely excited man and his wife who had a simple cart with huge blocks of cheese on it. He also let us taste and then we motioned with our fingers to show him how big of a slice we wanted. There was also a ton of crafty things, lots of fabric and notions and even sewing machines! This was my favorite part to look at but we couldn't buy a ton of it so I just got some cute trim. With girts bought for both ourselves and family and friends, we wearily hiked back up the hill to the hotel and had some much needed pool time. In the evening we went back into town and drank a few beers at L'Oxo Bar.

We ate dinner at La Belle Etoile, a place I was originally drawn to because of the colorful linens on all the tables. We drank a bottle of local white wine and started with a foie gras creme brulee which was surprisingly delicious. For our main dish, I had a tapenade stuffed rabbit and Dan had an eggplant plate. It was all so flavorful and fresh, we really loved it. As we walked back to the hotel we stopped by a pizza place and drank some more wine before drunkenly stumbling all the way to our hotel room.
Day Eight. We really didn't have much of a plan for today which was so nice. We had breakfast at the hotel again and then headed into town to see about renting bicycles. The one bike rental place we knew about ended up being out of rentals so that was out. We stopped by the TI (tourist information) to see where the lavender fields were but it seemed a car was needed for that.

We agreed that with the 95 degree weather, if it wasn't easy and relaxing we weren't interested, so we walked up to Cave La Romaine and did some wine tasting instead. We got a couple bottles of white from a young girl who said she had an aunt in Portland (although she may have meant Maine)and as we waited in line to pay for our bottles we discovered the filling station. A wall filled with tubes and empty plastic tubs. Several people were having their tubs filled with wine, the way you might fill a gallon jug with water at the grocery store. We headed back through town to hang at the pool again, too hot to do anything else. After the pool we went to the courtyard at the hotel for a beer. Sebastian, the man running the front desk, said that since it was our honeymoon (Dan had mentioned it in an email when we made the reservations) anything we wanted was on him and insisted that we not only order beers but desserts too. we had an ice cream tiramisu and lavender ice cream washed down with a cold beer. It was awesome.

After our late afternoon snack we enjoyed some down time before heading over to the nearby, Michelin rated and Steve's recommended, Bistro D'O. We started with a cured ham appetizer with a vegetable and anchovy filler and fig jam crustini. For Dinner I had the lamb and Dan had rissoto with shrimp. We just got coffee for dessert but they brought our handmade pink marshmallows for us to have too. It was all really, really good and the restaurant had a great atmosphere. We dragged it out as long as possible but we had to go back to the hotel eventually to pack and prepare for another day of travelling (and our last day in France!)
Day Nine. I didn't journal on our last day, but here are some amazing pictures I took that day! Enjoy.