Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Shmerzday

Here's some stuff I've been loving lately:
* My Paper Crane blog: so talented and her pictures are wonderful.
* Fern Animals: I covet each and every one of her little animals. I just need to justify the price to myself somehow.
* Timber: Just got a couple of their shirts. One was too big and had to be passed along to the boy. He didn't seem to mind :)

I also just did an update of onesies at my shop. I've got some new colors I picked up so I'll be updating with more soon. I found a great resource the other day for white onesies which makes me curious about how easy it would be to dye them colors of my choosing. Ahh.. creating more work for myself. Love it.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fabric Antlers

I finally finished these guys and I was so excited to put them up! Obviously, I really like antelopes and deers and other "antlered" creatures and I thought it would be fun to stuff some fake antlers. I used scraps of fabric and a plaque I found at Scrap. Our place looks so rustic with this on the wall...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Recovered Magazine Holder

I picked up some of these white carboard magazine holders at Ikea yesterday. They are called FLYT and they are 5 for $2.99. Cheap! Lately our bookshelves and CD racks have looked a mess, yet I've continued to throw magazines I wanted to keep on top of the ever growing pile. Finally, I decided to take action and get some holders but our place isn't really the clean lines, solid colors type of place. Lucky for me, I picked up this roll of colorful contact paper at an estate sale a few weeks back. If you want to reorganize your magazines in style too, here's how:

For this project all you need is a cardboard magazine holder, a roll of contact paper (this 2 yard roll will cover about 3 of these), a pen and scissors.

First, lay down the contact paper right side down on my table. Take the unassembled holder and lay it on the contact paper with the taller and wider side down. I pushed the shorter edges and the bottom of the holder to the corner of the contact peper so I wouldn't have to trace those parts. Start tracing the top of the holder around the bend.

Once you get to the top edge stop. Assemble the box and then meet the top edges together and trace down the other side of the holder ( I didn't fully assemble my box in the picture but you get the idea). Trace down the short edge and around the bottom of the assembled box until you meet edges. Make sure you connect the lines at the bottom so that there is a flap to cover the bottom of the holder (The next picture shows what the bottom should look like).

Cut our your contact paper and flip it around to right side up. Your cover should look like the above photo.

Take the smaller side of the cover and peel away some of the backing of the contact paper. Starting at the short part on the corner of one of the curved sides, slowly cover the cardboard, moving towards the higher part of the side. Make sure to press down as you go so that there are no air bubbles.

Once you get the edge of the first side done, stop and lay down the covered section of the holder on the table. Tear away the cover so that the contact paper cover for the bottom of the holder still has its backing. Continue to cover the holder.

Once you are done, the shortest side of the holder and the bottom will remain uncovered. To get a good fit on the bottom, cut the contact paper on the bottom corner, going towards the cardboard. Take the backing off the short piece and press it to the bottom of the holder, then do the same with the long piece.

Take a remaining section of contact paper and trace the shortest side of the holder on to it, right side down. Remove the backing and adhere it to the last remaining uncovered side of the holder.

Voila! A colorful and easy magazine holder.
Please let me know if you have an questions or if you do this, leave a link to a picture so I can take a look!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ride 'Em Cowgirl!

Something that I really love about Portland is all the strange stuff I find on the street. That might sound wierd but really, Portland is a great place to walk around and see what other creative types have gone and done to make their surroundings a little more interesting. One of the things that is really popular to do is to use the metal rings that are frequent on the sidewalks here, to tie up plastic toy horses. I found this guy between our apartment and local grocery store.
Near my office I often find plastic toys. I'm not sure who's going around throwing their toys on the ground but it makes for an interesting walk from the coffee shop to the office. Last week I found different disconnected barbie parts on two separate days but I didn't have my camera, unfortunately. However, I did have my camera on the day I found this super special green guy. I ended up taking him back to my office where he now lives.

Here's a few other "I (heart) Portland" pictures from recent happenings. I can't believe we are creeping up on a year of living here. Lately a lot of great things have been happening and we've been meeting lots of new friends. It's funny how January is always the time of year where you think "this is it, all my hopes and dreams are going to be answered this year. THIS is the year where it all comes together." And then, of course, come June you're like "what happened? We're half way through the year and NOTHING has happened." Anyway, I'm happy to bask in the January glow while it lasts.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

nest, nest, nest

Lately I've been in nesting mode. No, not around the house, although, with the overflow of laundry in my bedroom and the ridiculous amount of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, maybe I should give my house a bit more love. I've actually been bulking up my fabric collection. My latest choice picks came from Bolt in our neighborhood and I can't wait to get some skirts made from these super rad fabrics.

I also have been working on an idea for a while of creating patchwork versions of black and white pictures. Here is my first one, a deer. I used different color fabrics (within the same color family) to represent the shading and muscles of the animal. I don't know. I think it turned out pretty rad. I'm going to iron it up and mount it on a piece of canvas panel. It should be pretty cool once it's all finished.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

On Such a Winter's Day

For the last weekend of 2007, the boy's 'rents came to town and we had a lovely day at the Portland Art Museum and Powells and awesome eats all day. First, we went to the Grand Central Bakery by Mississippi and I had a delicious chicken salad sandwhich.

Then we drove down to the museum. It was a really gorgeous Pacific Northwest winter day and I took advantage of the lite and took pictures of the church across from the museum, the museum stairs and wood blocks from the Chuck Close exhibit. If you haven't checked out Chuck Close I highly recommend it. This exhibit placed a lot of emphasis on his printing processes (hence the wood blocks) but there were a lot of prints as well. Unfortunately, I think it closed this weekend in Portland.

After the museum we took the street car down to Powell's and I picked up "It's So You", an anthology on fashion edited by Michelle Tea. This is definitely a must read for anyone that was made fun of for their fashion choices in junior high or high school. I know that one of my defining moments in fashion was when I wore bright purple high top Doc Martens to school and some cool girls wearing No Fear t-shirts called me Barney. Ahhh... memories. Anyhow, the evening ended happily at Henry's where we watched football games, ate pizza and drank hot toddies.

Friday, January 4, 2008

FINALLY! Some Original Content

So Christmas may be over but before I let go, here are some lovely images of beautiful gifts I recieved from the various craft swaps I did this holiday season. These were taken with my brand new Canon PowerShot SD1000, a gift from the boy which I am so in love with. Expect more pictures to come this weekend. I didn't realize how much I was in longing for a new camera until I got this from the best santa ever!
Here's some handmade ornaments from the ornament swap over at Cake and Pie and from my Jane's Designs secret santa. (ooh! Look at that pink tree...damn!)

Here's part of my holiday decor. I found these great little pink trees at the local store Flutter (one off my absolute favorite places to browse in the WORLD!) and that angel tealite holder is from Mary, my Secret Santa. She gave me so many great things! I'll post my Christmas Eve surprise soon! Also, the beautiful label of the '07 holiday blend by Anchor Brewing Company.

I love this beer, it is dark and flavorful. I guess they change the blend each year so I'll have to enjoy it until they stop selling it mid-January.
A new-years post to come soon! I am in a bit of mourning for 2007. I accomplished and learned so much! The most important lesson being the absolute power in saying what you want out loud and with conviction. I believe that so many of the things I feel proud of from the last 3 years came about because I told someone that I wanted them. It was just this year, however, that I figured out this connection. I don't mean to sound all crazy-craz but I encourage you to try it and see if it doesn't work for you as well. Who knows what may happen?