Monday, November 17, 2008

Stitched In Time

Last nite the boy accompanied me to the book signing at Powell's for Stitched In Time. It's an awesome new book from Alicia Paulson who writes one of my very favorite blogs ever. I bought the book and waited in line for her to sign it. I don't usually do a lot of stuff like this, you know where you go and meet someone and have them sign your book or picture or something, but Alicia is a really awesome person. I was so nervous to meet her even though, through her blog, I feel like I know her. She was gracious and funny and her book is more amazing than I had imagined. I highly suggest you pick it up and I can't wait to try out the projects once our house guests leave. Oh, I didn't mention them? Well they are here and they have been since last Tuesday and, oh my, I'll just be happy to have our home to ourselves again.

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