Friday, November 21, 2008

Shop Shop Shop

Well my list is well on it's way to completion. My runner is almost done as well as the center pieces I did. I'll post some photos soon and, of course, it's getting to be that time of year. I'm so close to writing down my Christmas gift list (it's all in my head at this point!) but I'm also trying to appreciate the end of autumn right now. Every year I rush through to Christmas time because I love it so much and I forget to take time to look down at the yellow and orange leaves on the ground or take a walk in the crisp chilly air or other things that properly prepare me for the madness that is holiday time. This year I've been lucky enough to do plenty of these things. I'm also preparing for the crafty wonderland holiday sale and for more updates in my shop. Oh yes, I did a shop update this morning so please take a look and if you have a little one to shop for, maybe you'll shop shop shop there. I'm working on two new designs and I hope to have those in the shop by Thanksgiving weekend. I better cross my fingers on that one!

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