Friday, October 10, 2008

Electric Slide

Well thank you! I got such a great response to my video, I'm already scheming for the next one.
On the home front we're having some electrical issues. When I called my dad to discuss these issues and get his take on them (hey, I'm young, I'm aloud to still call dad!) he laughed. Sometimes I think the idea of his only daughter being a home owner is so unbelievable to him that all he can do is laugh about it. Anyhow, this one issue has prompted us to possibly start the first big "improvement" on our home and replace all of our lighting fixtures. We definitely need a ceiling fan/lite for the bedroom and right now I'm really crushing on this one from Lowes of all places. Better than what we found at Home Depot but maybe still not "the one" you know?

And then of course, as I've mentioned before, I have an all out love affair going on with every single fixture at Schoolhouse Electric, a local company here in Portland. Yesterday I discovered this lite which could be amazing in our hall way. Any lite places that I'm missing the boat on? I want to get the very best quality for the least amount of money, which I think Schoolhouse really delivers on. Everything there is made in the U.S. and hand painted.

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