Friday, September 19, 2008


Oh me, oh my! We've got a jam packed weekend ahead. First, my wonderful, amazing mom is having a birthday and we're heading up to Sea-Town to surprise her! Luckily, she does not read this blog so I don't have to worry about ruining the surprise. We're only going to be up for a moment but I'm hoping to swing by one of the two H&M's that opened up there recently and pick up some fall gear. How is it that Seattle gets two and Portland isn't even on the waitlist for one? Hello, we don't have sales tax down here! That should be reason enough.
Last nite, I had to finish up my niece's third birthday gift so I can drop it off while I'm up there. Hers is still over a week away but I hate going to the post office to ship things so this worked out nicely. I made play dough, if you must know. I think it turned out good but man does my right arm hurt from all the stirring and mixing and dying and everything. I have pictures on my camera but no time to download them right now. Hopefully tomorrow evening I can find a moment. The recipe I used is here and it was simple and straight forward. I recommend it if you're looking to have some non-toxic play dough around your house. In the comments someone recommended using hot water and I think I may try that if I make this again because I assume it would make it easier to stir. Now, to go rest my arm. I'm going to need it for all the driving.

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Jessica said...

girl, seattle has 3! one in southcenter, u-village, and downtown. insane, i know! i still havent been to one. have fun at the party! give a ring if you have the time. xo