Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Birthday Pictures

I can't help it, I've got to share some more photos from my birthday. First the flowers that the boy had delivered to my work. Can you believe it? Both he and my dad had flowers sent to me this year. I felt completely blessed particularly because I've never had flowers sent to me ever in my life. I know it sounds cheesy but I just thought it was so cool.

On the night of my birthday we went to Farm, one of my all time favorite restaurants and although I have to apologize for the poor quality picture, this is the best meal ever. Tofu cutlets with mashed potatoes and mushrooms. I've been so busy that crafting has had to take a back seat but, as mentioned previously, I'm getting geared up for sewing time. In the meantime, can I just say again how super great my birthday was? It was super great.

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