Sunday, September 21, 2008

Homemade Playdough

Here, as promised is the playdough I made this week. The texture is funny because I forgot to put the oil in before I cooked it but I'm happy with the colors and once the balls were in these little containers, I was super pleased. I added the labels and some utensils to use with the dough so all together it looks like a great gift. It will definitely be a future "go-to" gift for other friends and family with toddlers. The link to the recipe I used is in the post below this if you're interested. This weekend was great! We did indeed get to H&M and also spent time with both of our moms. The boys mom makes jewelry so we took great pictures of it so her other son can sell it on ebay for her. I'm also trying to convince her to start an etsy store and sell at some craft sales down here with me which would be cool.

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jenni d said...

Great gift idea. I am lovin the labels you made. How did you make them? Thanks for the idea. Jen