Monday, September 29, 2008

Grass Lawn Weekend

You know that space in between the sidewalk and the street? Where they put a small section of grass? Do you call that a tree lawn or green way? You know, I had never even heard either of those terms until maybe five years ago.
Well, anyway I wanted to share my weekend. The Edgefield is so great, I'm glad we went early and walked around, drank beer and ate. I would love to stay the nite there sometime. Sunday was rather lazy. I used my new staple gun for our new headboard which is not up yet so no pictures.

I also grabbed a baseball mitt at goodwill and the boy and I played catch in the park on, what I imagine will be one of the last nice days of year.
Tomorrow I'm expecting a delivery from Dharma of new goodies for the holiday craft sale season. I applied to two different sales but I won't hear if I got accepted until the middle of October so I'm patiently waiting and assuming I'll atleast get to vend at one of them. Wish me luck!

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