Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Table Revamp

I've had this end table for a while, I think I found it in the "Free Zone" of my last apartment in Seattle. It's a nice shape but the black color made it just sort of "blah." In our new place, we're really focusing on everything being light and bright so I decided this table needed a revamp. $3.50 can of spray paint later, I've got this super cute green end table for our living room. I did run into a few problems when I was painting it. First, the layers of spray paint needed to be really light so that it wouldn't bubble or run. I somewhat succeeded in this but it's still a little runny. Also, even though the weather has been wonderful lately, it was windy which made the paint go every which way. In the end, however, I love it and it really brightens up this corner.


Christopher And Tia said...

I like it much better green. It looks great.

Antelope Baby Industries said...

Hey Thanks! I think so too :)

Jessica said...

super cute!