Monday, August 4, 2008

Hawaii 1974

The past week has been one of those time suck weeks where life is just flying by and I'm trying to stay standing upright while all the crap flies by me and all I'm left with is "It's Monday already?" Yesterday I fell down the last five steps coming down the stairs in our place. It's impossible for me to sit for a long time which makes my day job, a receptionist, really fun as I found out today. Regardless, I am trying to get ready for Crafty Wonderland this weekend. I've got a new design all ready to go, I've just got to finish the screen tomorrow so I can print up some new onesies. I was also planning on updating my shop today but picture downloading problems made that impossible (see, I told you it's been one of those weeks) so an update should happen tomorrow evening instead.
In the meantime, I finally scanned this lovely book I found at Thrift Town in Austin during SXSW. I love old books and this one is in really wonderful condition, although, I guess it's not that old anyhow. This weekend I also found some wonderful super old books that I will scan in soon. The covers are amazing.

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