Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Overload

I've got so many fun things happening right now but in between our car over heating and the messy state of our home and just wanting to sit down (you know the feeling?) I haven't had a second to either take a picture or upload an existing picture onto my computer. Yes, it's one of those kind of summers. The kind where I try desperately to take advantage of each sunny day but also attempt to keep up with my regular going-ons and seem to fail at all of it. Last nite we ate dinner at 9:30 and, I swear, there was a time where I thought we weren't going to eat at all. Well anyway, we had these Mediterranean stuffed chicken breasts from Trader Joes which were surprisingly delicious and only took 40 minutes in the oven. I also successfully created a yummy and spicy cucumber salad. Delicious!
Alright so in lieu of something creative and fun that I did myself, I will link to this wonderful tutorial from Angry Chicken on Fold Over Elastic. I've never used it but after watching this I am planning on trying it out. I love how easy and nonchalant she seems about it. It's so similar to how I approach sewing.

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