Monday, July 14, 2008

Rehder Recap and More

I thought that I'd finish up on some pictures I've been promising before I move on to the awesome home stuff that we've been doing. I finally got around to downloading some of the Rehder Reunion pictures off of my camera. There are so many great pictures but these ones are my favorites so far. The barn had windows still in tact which is sort of amazing for a 100 year old structure thats only repair is a re-roofing. When I peaked my head in this room, it said "Ron Rehder" in big inky letters on the wall inside.

The boy, Kurt and I had to get our picture taken in front of the barn drinking our Keystone Lights. There was beer everywhere we went and the best part was being able to say "Can I get a Keyster from you?" Hilarious. So look at us in our Rehder tshirts. Pretty rad.

And of course there is the group shot. I got a few different shots of this on my camera and I chose this one at random. As we left the old barn and headed toward my second cousin Jim's house where he and his wife Sally so graciously hosted us, someone tore a piece of wood from the barn to take with them. I wanted to go back and do the same but somehow it felt wrong. I want that barn to stand for as long as possible. We drove back through farm country the next day to get to Seattle where the boy and I took the train home to Portland. We saw dozens of barns on that drive and, most likely, half of them were older than the Rehder barn. With all that competition, it needs all the wood it can get to be the oldest one standing.

This past weekend I made it up to the antique sale. It was really great. Overwhelming but wonderful. The inside was collectibles while the outside was much more like a flea market. I bought this super great stool/chair for $7 and a few other things. I got about 2 yards each of this colorful vintage fabric. I'm definitely going again next year.

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