Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sweet Home

The painting went really well this weekend. Now that it's dried, it's looking pretty nice. I took a few pictures during the event, this one is the second bedroom/our office/guest room. We are super excited about this room because we've been talking about having a place where we can record music, sew, silk screen and also hang out for as long as the boy and I have been together and it's finally all coming together. There will also be room for friends or family to stay when they visit. It's nice to live just a few hours south of so many loved ones and we definitely like to see them often.

In the long term we have many projects to tackle for updating our new place. Maybe updating isn't the right word since I'm more concerned with bringing back some of the charm to our place. I went to this wonderful local store, Hippo Hardware last week. They were super helpful and they have awesome hardware, lights and windows along with toilets and bathtubs. I'd really love to have milk glass lights and chandelier in the place but that will have to be a longterm goal. We may want to change the pull knobs in the kitchen too. Right now there is just so much we want to do so the hard part is pulling ourselves back down to reality and think logically about what we can actually accomplish. This Saturday is the move day so no more running in between the two places everyday after work which is starting to wear on our household. Ms. B is upset that we're not home enough (she's still at the old place) and the boy has stories to write and things to get done that have become impossible with all the moving.

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