Monday, June 9, 2008

Pin Cushions

These are some new items I've been working on lately, pin cushions! I sold these strawberry ones and the tomato/orange ones this weekend and I got these great pins at Fred Meyer of all places. A woman came by my booth and recommended that I put ball bearings in them instead of just stuffing because it supposedly keeps your needles sharp. Have you heard this? Whose needles are getting dull? Maybe I just don't pin things often enough to have this problem.
Things are good on the house front too. We get keys tomorrow and I grabbed some paint samples to get ready for the paint-a-thon this coming weekend. My helpful friend Jackie is going to paint with me too. We are totally not packed at this point so I guess we've got to get on that as well. Eh, it'll happen.

UPDATE: I have started to put this up in my etsy shop! Click here to purchase.


Miss 376 said...

I haven't heard about the ball bearings, but I have heard that using sand does the same thing. Have a great weekend

Antelope Baby Industries said...

Sand! Well that's probably a lot easier for me to find than ball bearings. Thanks for the tip!

Jessica said...

wow, your pin cushions are great! i cant wait to see you guys in the new place!

Antelope Baby Industries said...

Thanks Jessica! I think they turned out awesome too! Can't wait for you all to come down this summer :)