Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Livin' Is Easy

It's below 60, cloudy and breezy outside today. There might even be some rain out there. No matter, in my brain it's summertime, I'm even picking out new outfits to prove it to myself. So here's my version of the perfect outfit for Portland summers. The cardigan IS necessary. Believe me.

Also I ordered this awesome book from Fred Flare yesterday. As I've mentioned before, embroidery is not my strong suit but I've wanted to make some pillows with this type of embroidery on it so I think it will be perfect for inspiration. Chronicle Books can seriously do no wrong in my mind. Also, Fred Flare is an amazing website filled with so much crap I do not need and yet cannot live without. IPod speakers shaped like legos? Yes!

EDIT: The shirt and skirt are actually orange and the necklace is blue. For some reason they have switched colors and I have no idea why. :(

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