Sunday, June 8, 2008

Life Recap

I am exhausted from all the Crafty Wonderland awesomeness today but I finally found my camera (yay!) and thought I'd post some pictures from a while ago. Memorial Day weekend we had good friends come and visit. We wondered around the waterfront and saw the rides getting set up for the Rose Parade festivities. The signs look so wonderful with the river as their back drop.
We also went on a day trip to Cannon Beach. Along the way we stopped at this restaurant for breakfast, Camp 18. The chandeliers were made of deer (buck?) antlers and there was a huge log that went thru the middle of the roof in the restaurant. The food was ok, but that's not really the reason to go there. Wooden carvings of bears, native americans and sasquatches are some great reasons to go anywhere and Camp 18 has all of those.
That will have to be it for now. I had a terrific time today, I picked up a hat from Paula Deer, chatted with Susan and had some gelato affogato at Opposable Thumb on Belmont.

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