Thursday, June 5, 2008

June's Crafty Wonderland!

Sunday, 11am-4pm I will be at the Doug Fir for Crafty Wonderland. I've got a new design for onesies that should be completed by then (I had a bit of bad luck last nite with the screen for it but I think I've got it under control and these new guys should get printed up tonite!) and I have also been working on some pin cushions. For the past year or so I've been wanting to do something for all the crafty people that come to this show. A lot of times I think people look at my stuff and think "I can do that" but if I offered something that they can use when they're creating, that would maybe work out better and get me a few more sales. Ultimately, the pin cushions are just really cute and I think people will really like them! I hope to take pictures tonite but my camera is MIA at the moment. Damn. I lose everything!
Alright, well I hope to see you if you live in the Portland area. Cross your fingers that I find my camera and can get some cute-e-o pictures of the pin cushions too!

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