Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fargo Apartment

Goodbye apartment.
First place we lived in this wonderful town. First place we called home, together. First place we realized how much stuff we have and first place we got rid of things, gradually, with fights over "High Fidelity" chairs and televisions with VCRs built in.
I'm not sad to leave you but I'll never forget you. As we cleaned you out over the past two weeks, I got used to the idea that you were no longer my home, but it still took me until Monday, the last day you were legally ours, to have my mail forwarded to my new home. As we pulled away from your building for the last time, I almost forgot to say goodbye. But the boy, he remembered. He said "picture!" and I said "of course, I almost forgot!" and so we got out of the car and snapped a few photos as the sun went down. All I could think about was getting to the new place and making a new home for us there. I guess I've moved on.
But you still deserve a proper goodbye because we had so many awesome times. So many late nites with Popeyes and friends from out of town, keeping us company when we first moved here.
It sounds cliche and horribly cheesy but somehow it's the most true thing I can say. I'll never forget you. Thank you.

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Jessica said...

ahh, the popeyes! i keep calling it churches chicken. i love your new place though. brian and i look forward to spending time in our new room. ; )