Monday, June 16, 2008


Man, are you on Joann Fabric's email list? I get SO many coupons from them, it's ridiculous. I love Joann's for the basics but I'm not crazy about most of their prints and the workers there seem so bent out of shape. I was just talking to someone about this, how everytime I'm at Joann's they try to pawn me off on someone else at the cutting table. Argh.
Anyhow, we need fabric for curtains at the new place. We don't have blinds or anything so it's kind of a necessity before we move in unless we want all our neighbors to know all our business right away. So I'm thinking I need to hit up Joann's with a batch of these new coupons they sent me and also the depot. Their outdoor sale goes on all summer long and damn, I love that store. I also just read about Spoonflower on Black Apple's site and signed up to get an invite there. I don't know what their criteria is to get one but hopefully I qualify. That site looks freakin' amazing.
This weekend we painted the second bedroom and the living and dining area downstairs. I've got pictures that I will post this week at somepoint. Everything is now very bright and cheery which is exactly what I wanted. A lot of our furniture is brown so I wanted an intense backdrop for it. I think I got my wish.

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