Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Canvas Notebooks

Woah, didn't mean to fall of the planet there for so long! It's been crazy with the home purchasing but early next week, the place should be ours! The purging has begun for the move. I've already got one large bag of Goodwill donations and most of it's candle holders. How the hell did I get so many candle holders? Another question: Where did all these mixing bowls come from? Anyhow, they will be gone soon and so will clothes and other things hidden away in cupboards we haven't opened since we moved in.

With all the paperwork that goes along with buying a home, I've been thinking about how to better organize it all. Lord knows we're going to need to keep it all for taxes or something. I mean, everyone tells us that next year we'll get some big tax refund thing so that'll be good. Okay, back to organizing, I've seen these lovely canvas notebooks around both here and here. They remind me of my notebook in fifth grade. Fifth grade was the year I got my first boyfriend, Ricky something-or-other. I wrote his initials 3 inches tall on my canvas notebook with a Bic pen. Hard work. Bic pens do not want to write on a textured surface. In retrospect, I should have found a sharpie. Much less effort. I would really like to find some of these to keep home-related items in, another for bills and another for recipes but I went to Fred Meyer last nite (no doubt, where I purchased the original canvas notebook circa 1992) and they don't sell them anymore! Where can I find one that's not "designer" and costs $15??? I'm keeping my eye out at the thrift stores but no luck so far.

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