Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fargo Apartment

Goodbye apartment.
First place we lived in this wonderful town. First place we called home, together. First place we realized how much stuff we have and first place we got rid of things, gradually, with fights over "High Fidelity" chairs and televisions with VCRs built in.
I'm not sad to leave you but I'll never forget you. As we cleaned you out over the past two weeks, I got used to the idea that you were no longer my home, but it still took me until Monday, the last day you were legally ours, to have my mail forwarded to my new home. As we pulled away from your building for the last time, I almost forgot to say goodbye. But the boy, he remembered. He said "picture!" and I said "of course, I almost forgot!" and so we got out of the car and snapped a few photos as the sun went down. All I could think about was getting to the new place and making a new home for us there. I guess I've moved on.
But you still deserve a proper goodbye because we had so many awesome times. So many late nites with Popeyes and friends from out of town, keeping us company when we first moved here.
It sounds cliche and horribly cheesy but somehow it's the most true thing I can say. I'll never forget you. Thank you.

Monday, June 23, 2008


So we'll be needing a new rug for the living area. The boy and I have had our ups and downs with past living room rugs. The only thing that seemed to make us both happy was a carpet remnant from my sister at our last apartment. Unfortunately, by the time we moved, that thing had seen better days and it met it's maker Sunday afternoon as we were clearing out the last of our stuff.
I'm on the lookout even though I know it will be about a month before we can purchase anything. I keep coming back to this one that's on sale at Urban Outfitters. We need something cheap-ish but I'm just not sold on the color.
Today I found this one at Urban as well. It's the Trompe L'Oeil Floor Mat and it's a web exclusive. I really love it and they have different textures too. It's probably at the high end of what we will spend on a rug though so we'll just have to see.
Alright, well that's it for now. More unpacking to do and it ain't pretty folks. Even more Goodwill donations, storage items and more CDs than we ever could have guessed we owned. Seriously. Every box I open has a CD in it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sweet Home

The painting went really well this weekend. Now that it's dried, it's looking pretty nice. I took a few pictures during the event, this one is the second bedroom/our office/guest room. We are super excited about this room because we've been talking about having a place where we can record music, sew, silk screen and also hang out for as long as the boy and I have been together and it's finally all coming together. There will also be room for friends or family to stay when they visit. It's nice to live just a few hours south of so many loved ones and we definitely like to see them often.

In the long term we have many projects to tackle for updating our new place. Maybe updating isn't the right word since I'm more concerned with bringing back some of the charm to our place. I went to this wonderful local store, Hippo Hardware last week. They were super helpful and they have awesome hardware, lights and windows along with toilets and bathtubs. I'd really love to have milk glass lights and chandelier in the place but that will have to be a longterm goal. We may want to change the pull knobs in the kitchen too. Right now there is just so much we want to do so the hard part is pulling ourselves back down to reality and think logically about what we can actually accomplish. This Saturday is the move day so no more running in between the two places everyday after work which is starting to wear on our household. Ms. B is upset that we're not home enough (she's still at the old place) and the boy has stories to write and things to get done that have become impossible with all the moving.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Man, are you on Joann Fabric's email list? I get SO many coupons from them, it's ridiculous. I love Joann's for the basics but I'm not crazy about most of their prints and the workers there seem so bent out of shape. I was just talking to someone about this, how everytime I'm at Joann's they try to pawn me off on someone else at the cutting table. Argh.
Anyhow, we need fabric for curtains at the new place. We don't have blinds or anything so it's kind of a necessity before we move in unless we want all our neighbors to know all our business right away. So I'm thinking I need to hit up Joann's with a batch of these new coupons they sent me and also the depot. Their outdoor sale goes on all summer long and damn, I love that store. I also just read about Spoonflower on Black Apple's site and signed up to get an invite there. I don't know what their criteria is to get one but hopefully I qualify. That site looks freakin' amazing.
This weekend we painted the second bedroom and the living and dining area downstairs. I've got pictures that I will post this week at somepoint. Everything is now very bright and cheery which is exactly what I wanted. A lot of our furniture is brown so I wanted an intense backdrop for it. I think I got my wish.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Livin' Is Easy

It's below 60, cloudy and breezy outside today. There might even be some rain out there. No matter, in my brain it's summertime, I'm even picking out new outfits to prove it to myself. So here's my version of the perfect outfit for Portland summers. The cardigan IS necessary. Believe me.

Also I ordered this awesome book from Fred Flare yesterday. As I've mentioned before, embroidery is not my strong suit but I've wanted to make some pillows with this type of embroidery on it so I think it will be perfect for inspiration. Chronicle Books can seriously do no wrong in my mind. Also, Fred Flare is an amazing website filled with so much crap I do not need and yet cannot live without. IPod speakers shaped like legos? Yes!

EDIT: The shirt and skirt are actually orange and the necklace is blue. For some reason they have switched colors and I have no idea why. :(

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pin Cushions

These are some new items I've been working on lately, pin cushions! I sold these strawberry ones and the tomato/orange ones this weekend and I got these great pins at Fred Meyer of all places. A woman came by my booth and recommended that I put ball bearings in them instead of just stuffing because it supposedly keeps your needles sharp. Have you heard this? Whose needles are getting dull? Maybe I just don't pin things often enough to have this problem.
Things are good on the house front too. We get keys tomorrow and I grabbed some paint samples to get ready for the paint-a-thon this coming weekend. My helpful friend Jackie is going to paint with me too. We are totally not packed at this point so I guess we've got to get on that as well. Eh, it'll happen.

UPDATE: I have started to put this up in my etsy shop! Click here to purchase.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Life Recap

I am exhausted from all the Crafty Wonderland awesomeness today but I finally found my camera (yay!) and thought I'd post some pictures from a while ago. Memorial Day weekend we had good friends come and visit. We wondered around the waterfront and saw the rides getting set up for the Rose Parade festivities. The signs look so wonderful with the river as their back drop.
We also went on a day trip to Cannon Beach. Along the way we stopped at this restaurant for breakfast, Camp 18. The chandeliers were made of deer (buck?) antlers and there was a huge log that went thru the middle of the roof in the restaurant. The food was ok, but that's not really the reason to go there. Wooden carvings of bears, native americans and sasquatches are some great reasons to go anywhere and Camp 18 has all of those.
That will have to be it for now. I had a terrific time today, I picked up a hat from Paula Deer, chatted with Susan and had some gelato affogato at Opposable Thumb on Belmont.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

June's Crafty Wonderland!

Sunday, 11am-4pm I will be at the Doug Fir for Crafty Wonderland. I've got a new design for onesies that should be completed by then (I had a bit of bad luck last nite with the screen for it but I think I've got it under control and these new guys should get printed up tonite!) and I have also been working on some pin cushions. For the past year or so I've been wanting to do something for all the crafty people that come to this show. A lot of times I think people look at my stuff and think "I can do that" but if I offered something that they can use when they're creating, that would maybe work out better and get me a few more sales. Ultimately, the pin cushions are just really cute and I think people will really like them! I hope to take pictures tonite but my camera is MIA at the moment. Damn. I lose everything!
Alright, well I hope to see you if you live in the Portland area. Cross your fingers that I find my camera and can get some cute-e-o pictures of the pin cushions too!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Canvas Notebooks

Woah, didn't mean to fall of the planet there for so long! It's been crazy with the home purchasing but early next week, the place should be ours! The purging has begun for the move. I've already got one large bag of Goodwill donations and most of it's candle holders. How the hell did I get so many candle holders? Another question: Where did all these mixing bowls come from? Anyhow, they will be gone soon and so will clothes and other things hidden away in cupboards we haven't opened since we moved in.

With all the paperwork that goes along with buying a home, I've been thinking about how to better organize it all. Lord knows we're going to need to keep it all for taxes or something. I mean, everyone tells us that next year we'll get some big tax refund thing so that'll be good. Okay, back to organizing, I've seen these lovely canvas notebooks around both here and here. They remind me of my notebook in fifth grade. Fifth grade was the year I got my first boyfriend, Ricky something-or-other. I wrote his initials 3 inches tall on my canvas notebook with a Bic pen. Hard work. Bic pens do not want to write on a textured surface. In retrospect, I should have found a sharpie. Much less effort. I would really like to find some of these to keep home-related items in, another for bills and another for recipes but I went to Fred Meyer last nite (no doubt, where I purchased the original canvas notebook circa 1992) and they don't sell them anymore! Where can I find one that's not "designer" and costs $15??? I'm keeping my eye out at the thrift stores but no luck so far.