Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who's Escrow?

One of the exciting but also scary things about buying a house is that not many of our friends are homeowners yet. This is exciting because the boy and I get to pave our own way a bit and the only people yelling advice at us is our family. Of course it’s also scary because we don’t get a lot of advice and new words and terms get thrown at us daily. Words that people expect us to know. Words like escrow. I learned what escrow was four days ago and I’d been hearing that term for like a month. Since we have so many renters in our midst, we get asked about buying a house a lot. The best way to explain what shopping for a house is like to the uninitiated is like so: You know when you’re favorite pair of jeans get a hole in them? Not like in the knee but in the crotch or in a place that you can’t mend anymore because the denim has worn so thin that pulling the jeans thru a sewing machine just rips more holes in them? Ok. So now your favorite pair of jeans are shot and you have to go out on a search for a new pair, only you wear jeans everyday and this hole came on rather suddenly and you are desperately searching for a pair that fit like a glove and don’t cost so much that you have to skip lunch for the next two weeks. That, my friends, is what “shopping” for a house is like. Or was like, I guess since we found a place! Yay us! Pictures to come and more house thingys too, I’m sure. Man, I’ve never felt so popular! People calling me and emailing me hourly all to talk about the purchase I’m about to make and, of course, I’m already redecorating the place in my mind. Oh and did I tell you about the tiling? And the dishwasher? A dishwasher!