Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weekend Update

The past couple of weekends have been crazy! Lots of visitors and new happenings. First, Ms. B got shaved. Everyone told us that she'd be ashamed and embarassed but instead she seems happy like she's finally free and queen of the apartment. Well worth her momentary unhappiness going to and from the groomers.

A couple weekends ago we had a wonderful weekend with friends. It was my first time at the Japanese Gardens just west of Portland and the weather was awesome. They have huge sand-zen-pit things, like they use to sell at Fireworks in the miniature version for your desk except huge. It was kids day which interrupted what I assume is a usually peaceful place. Regardless, we had an amazing time with good friends. We also got to visit Pok Pok, a local Northern Thai restaurant in the Southeast. I had never eaten northern thai food before and it's totally different than any other thai food I've had. They had chicken wings and curry and steak salad and the flavors blew my mind! The presentation was wonderful too. The sticky rice came in wicker baskets and our drinks had pickled cherries in them. One of the best meals I've ever had!
This weekend we are heading up to Seattle for a meeting with our mortgage lender and to get some nephew time in as well. For memorial day we've got more friends coming in to town and a trip to the coast on the agenda. I hope to get some more crafts done too but I volunteered to design the Rehder Family Reunion tshirt and I'm kind of rushing to get that done right now. I'm also obsessing over property, buying furniture that there's no room for and finding my first pink Pyrex mixing bowl at Goodwill! Score!

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