Friday, May 2, 2008


So here's to putting the cart before the horse: I really want to paint the bedroom in our new place grey. I love how grey can be as neutral as an off-white wall and somehow stand out at the same time. Maybe it's because people don't see grey walls very often (or do they?) I'm also loving the idea of grey wallpaper. Actually, grey furniture in general is getting me all worked up. These beauties from Ikea are an awesome and affordable way to get my grey fix.

I also found this wonderful bathroom on Relish and this wonderful sink at Apartment Therapy. Can you feel how excited I am to get into a new place?
In other news, I made an appointment today for the kitty. Ms. B has been getting kind of "large and in charge" as of late. It's so sad to see her try and clean herself. I mean, really. And she has this normally beautiful long coat of fur and well, anyway, it's time to shave it all off. Poor kitty! Selfishly, this makes me really happy! The cat hair is a lot to deal with and apparently, you're supposed to shave long hair cats every couple years. She's 6 and this will be her first time. I'll keep you updated on the results, she should definitely look hilariously photo worthy.
One more note: The blue hat is coming along swimmingly, although, I think it's going to be adult size! Oops!

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