Sunday, May 4, 2008


I realized I never shared this great embroidered runner. I found it at ReRun for under $5 and the stitches kind of blow my mind. I've never been much of an embroiderer, although I really like the look, I just don't know how to do all the knots and stitches. I also must share my favorite thirft store embroidered item of all time, I just need to get a good picture of it.
The rest of these trims and buttons are from a while ago. I've been looking for pink and purple ric rack for a while and I've got a couple skirts that it will great on, as a trim.
The weekend here was lovely. Our first house exploration with the realtor and good Seattle friends in town. We love one of the properties we saw which I feel pretty lucky about since a lot of people say they hate all the ones they see at first. Naturally, someone else has also been looking at this property seriously, so we need to get out there, look at other stuff, and see if we are serious enough to put an offer in on this first place. It's all so overwhelming but I know in the end, we are going to really love what we find. I mean, I've already chosen the paint for half the walls for goodness sake!

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