Thursday, May 22, 2008


My work gets a lot of CDs in the mail. Sometimes people send schwag along with those CDs thinking, perhaps, that it will get them in our catalog quicker or something. A few days ago someone sent in these koozies. OH, I love myself a good koozy. Months ago as the free DIY project for Crafty Wonderland they refashioned koozies. I went to the art store and got white and blue pens, since those are the colors of my work's logo and brought a couple home to do some test runs. Here's what I came up with.

I also want to personalize the "Beer" ones with "Vanessa" on the back. Just in time for summer.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who's Escrow?

One of the exciting but also scary things about buying a house is that not many of our friends are homeowners yet. This is exciting because the boy and I get to pave our own way a bit and the only people yelling advice at us is our family. Of course it’s also scary because we don’t get a lot of advice and new words and terms get thrown at us daily. Words that people expect us to know. Words like escrow. I learned what escrow was four days ago and I’d been hearing that term for like a month. Since we have so many renters in our midst, we get asked about buying a house a lot. The best way to explain what shopping for a house is like to the uninitiated is like so: You know when you’re favorite pair of jeans get a hole in them? Not like in the knee but in the crotch or in a place that you can’t mend anymore because the denim has worn so thin that pulling the jeans thru a sewing machine just rips more holes in them? Ok. So now your favorite pair of jeans are shot and you have to go out on a search for a new pair, only you wear jeans everyday and this hole came on rather suddenly and you are desperately searching for a pair that fit like a glove and don’t cost so much that you have to skip lunch for the next two weeks. That, my friends, is what “shopping” for a house is like. Or was like, I guess since we found a place! Yay us! Pictures to come and more house thingys too, I’m sure. Man, I’ve never felt so popular! People calling me and emailing me hourly all to talk about the purchase I’m about to make and, of course, I’m already redecorating the place in my mind. Oh and did I tell you about the tiling? And the dishwasher? A dishwasher!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Doily Time

I'm always finding doilies at thrift stores. In fact the thrift store down the street from my apartment has baskets of doilies. Yesterday I found this wonderful pink doily there and with the yellow tag, it was 25% off, just 75 cents.

It worked perfectly to brighten up this beige tshirt just in time for the nice weather. I hand stitched it on there after a lovely picnic at Irving Park with the boy. Wonderful Sunday afternoon.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weekend Update

The past couple of weekends have been crazy! Lots of visitors and new happenings. First, Ms. B got shaved. Everyone told us that she'd be ashamed and embarassed but instead she seems happy like she's finally free and queen of the apartment. Well worth her momentary unhappiness going to and from the groomers.

A couple weekends ago we had a wonderful weekend with friends. It was my first time at the Japanese Gardens just west of Portland and the weather was awesome. They have huge sand-zen-pit things, like they use to sell at Fireworks in the miniature version for your desk except huge. It was kids day which interrupted what I assume is a usually peaceful place. Regardless, we had an amazing time with good friends. We also got to visit Pok Pok, a local Northern Thai restaurant in the Southeast. I had never eaten northern thai food before and it's totally different than any other thai food I've had. They had chicken wings and curry and steak salad and the flavors blew my mind! The presentation was wonderful too. The sticky rice came in wicker baskets and our drinks had pickled cherries in them. One of the best meals I've ever had!
This weekend we are heading up to Seattle for a meeting with our mortgage lender and to get some nephew time in as well. For memorial day we've got more friends coming in to town and a trip to the coast on the agenda. I hope to get some more crafts done too but I volunteered to design the Rehder Family Reunion tshirt and I'm kind of rushing to get that done right now. I'm also obsessing over property, buying furniture that there's no room for and finding my first pink Pyrex mixing bowl at Goodwill! Score!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Paper Your Walls

Lately I've been seeing wallpaper somewhere strange: NOT on the walls! I love finding old wallpaper rolls at estate sales and thrift stores but I know that most of it I'd never use for a wall. I would, however, use it as an accent somewhere else in my home. First, at Design Sponge, pia jane bijkerk re-did her house and showed the results. Check out this adorable shelving!

Also, on Apartment Therapy, I found this pull drawer side table with wallpaper (or maybe contact paper?) on the drawers! Yay, I love this!

My personal favorite place to look at wallpaper is Wallpaper from the 70's You can order wallpaper samples from them for a minimal price but the rolls are pricey so for me it's more of an inspirational website. Look at this great print I found on there today!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


I realized I never shared this great embroidered runner. I found it at ReRun for under $5 and the stitches kind of blow my mind. I've never been much of an embroiderer, although I really like the look, I just don't know how to do all the knots and stitches. I also must share my favorite thirft store embroidered item of all time, I just need to get a good picture of it.
The rest of these trims and buttons are from a while ago. I've been looking for pink and purple ric rack for a while and I've got a couple skirts that it will great on, as a trim.
The weekend here was lovely. Our first house exploration with the realtor and good Seattle friends in town. We love one of the properties we saw which I feel pretty lucky about since a lot of people say they hate all the ones they see at first. Naturally, someone else has also been looking at this property seriously, so we need to get out there, look at other stuff, and see if we are serious enough to put an offer in on this first place. It's all so overwhelming but I know in the end, we are going to really love what we find. I mean, I've already chosen the paint for half the walls for goodness sake!

Friday, May 2, 2008


So here's to putting the cart before the horse: I really want to paint the bedroom in our new place grey. I love how grey can be as neutral as an off-white wall and somehow stand out at the same time. Maybe it's because people don't see grey walls very often (or do they?) I'm also loving the idea of grey wallpaper. Actually, grey furniture in general is getting me all worked up. These beauties from Ikea are an awesome and affordable way to get my grey fix.

I also found this wonderful bathroom on Relish and this wonderful sink at Apartment Therapy. Can you feel how excited I am to get into a new place?
In other news, I made an appointment today for the kitty. Ms. B has been getting kind of "large and in charge" as of late. It's so sad to see her try and clean herself. I mean, really. And she has this normally beautiful long coat of fur and well, anyway, it's time to shave it all off. Poor kitty! Selfishly, this makes me really happy! The cat hair is a lot to deal with and apparently, you're supposed to shave long hair cats every couple years. She's 6 and this will be her first time. I'll keep you updated on the results, she should definitely look hilariously photo worthy.
One more note: The blue hat is coming along swimmingly, although, I think it's going to be adult size! Oops!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wreath in the Springtime

I made this wreath a few weeks ago to celebrate the coming season. I found a foam wreath at the dollar store and took yarn that's been sitting in my stash for a few years, wrapped it tightly around the foam wreath and wrapped an alternating yarn color on top. Next I took some silk flowers, ribbon and bird and punched them into the foam. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out but I think adding some more flowers and birds around the wreath could look cool too. Expect a fall version of this in a few months as well. I know it sounds ridiculous but I'm kind of really into wreaths. This one is hanging in our living room until we've got an extra door for it to go on,