Thursday, April 3, 2008

Vintage This and Thrift Store That

I've had some pretty serious thrift store finds lately. I'm very happy about my slowly growing pyrex collection. I check this site regularly for information about pieces I may have seen or picked up. The white and orange Butterprint bowl is from my fav store ReRun here in Portland (seriously, it makes me wonder how I went so many years without it up in Seattle.) The red casserole is a promotional piece from 1961 that I got at Thrift Town in Austin. I bought this guy because I love the acorns and imagine my surprise when I got home and found out it was a promo! Being a promo piece just means that it was a limited run and also if I chose to sell it on ebay or something that it might be worth more than $5. The nice thing about collecting Pyrex is that it's never going to be worth a whole lot so you just collect what you like. I like that because it helps me to keep my collection under control. If I find something but it's not my favorite thing, then I won't buy it because it's not going to be worth more than what I would buy it for.

I also scored this vintage fabric from Knittin Kitten last weekend. I have been wanting to go to this store forever and now that I've gone, I can tell it's going to become as much of an obsession as ReRun. I also nabbed a bunch of vintage ric rac and buttons while I was there. All absolute steals!

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